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August 31, 2008

E-mail to Team Maverick

Just sent this e-mail to McCain campaign blogger Michael Goldfarb:

Dear Michael:
About two-thirds of the hits on my blog today have been from people Googling for bikini pictures of Sarah Palin.
Ace of Spades and See-Dubya report the same phenonmenon.
Not meaning to be disrespectful — extremely irreverent yes, disrespectful no — but I figure it’s only a matter of time before someone digs up a swimwear competition photo from the 1984 Miss Alaska contest and gets it online. So allow me to suggest that the McCain-Palin campaign just go ahead and get the candidate to provide them with such a photo, and release it to right-wing bloggers . . . beginning with me, since I’m the guy that had the moxie to ask.
JPEG format is preferred.
Robert Stacy McCain
“The Other McCain”

No sooner had I sent that request than I got an e-mail from a left-wing blogger who had posted this (highly skilled) Photoshop picture:

You see what I’m talking about? Welcome to the New Media age. If we don’t have real Sarah Palin bikini pictures, somebody’s bound to gin up fake Sarah Palin bikini pictures. So if the McCain campaign doesn’t produce those photos of Palin lounging seaside in Daytona pretty soon, this thing could spin out of control. Just trying to be helpful.

UPDATE: Ex-Pat Texan tries an experiment with “Sarah Palin Naked Photos” and reports success. I don’t think we need completely stark-raving naked-as-a-jaybird nude, just a nice thong bikini shot from a vacation in some tropical locale. A spring-break-in-Cozumel type of thing.

UPDATE II: For reasons unknown, a Memeorandum thread linked this post to Jeff Goldstein’s thorough fisking of anti-Palin memes, which is worth reading.

UPDATE III: Another experimenter, Pirate’s Cove, gets results with the “Sarah Palin Bikini” trick. His traffic for the weekend of Aug. 23-24 was 1,655 visits; his traffic for the weekend of Aug. 30-31 was 2,158 — a traffic increase of 30.4% in one week. So, clearly, there is a market demand for these photos, and it would behoove the GOP, as the party of free enterprise, to respond to this demand. C’mon, Goldfarb: Do you want the Libertarians to beat you to the punch by releasing photos of Bob Barr in a Speedo?

August 31, 2008

Ivy League inspiration

Weird news from New Haven:

It’s a profound honor for a graduate of Jacksonville (Ala.) State University to learn that he has inspired reactionary protest slogans at Yale University. Should this right-wing campus movement succeed, I might go down in history as the Timothy Leary of the counter-revolution.

And because the counter-revolution is all about mindless greed, don’t forget to order your “Equality Is For Ugly Losers” T-shirts.

August 31, 2008

Gustav postpones RNC

Just saw the news conference where RNC officials announced that they are canceling all Monday’s convention business in St. Paul except a 2-hour meeting to conclude necessary business.

Josh Marshall: “Of course, it’s hard not to see this as political posturing.” Right. When everything is political, everything is political.

Geez, some people need to get a life.

UPDATE: Ignoring the weather is an old habit of mine. My wife can’t sleep at night unless she sees the next day’s weather forecast on the news, but my attitude is, “If it rains, it rains.” And I particularly ignore forecasts of catastrophic weather. People in the D.C. region tend to freak completely out at the approach of any weather system that might possibly contain a single snowflake. Not me. I take pride in never having missed a day of work because of snow.

All this by way of explaining why I’ve ignored Hurricane Gustav’s approach to the Gulf Coast until a few hours before it is expected to make landfall. If you live in a coastal area of the Southeast, in late summer you will be bothered by the occasional hurricane. Beyond the coastal areas, however, a hurricane just means a day or two of heavy rain. Being from Atlanta, I grew up watching TV news as hurricanes slam Florida every year, with occasional hits on other Gulf states or maybe the Carolinas.

Hurricanes are nothing unusual, and they don’t really affect the lives of most Americans. But since Katrina, because Democrats blamed Republican for the destruction of New Orleans, hurricanes have become politicized. And so now we have Michael Moore writing an “open letter to God” about Gustav, and going on TV to make a complete ass of himself:

I object to this, and not merely because I object to anything that gives Michael Moore an excuse to haul his fat ass out of his crumb-strewn Barcalounger and into a TV studio.

In a free society, not everything is political.

When you start politicizing the weather, you really need to rethink your priorities. Despite the Chicken Little “storm of the century” response of Ray Nagin to the approach of Gustav, the overhwhelming likelihood is that Gustav will not hit New Orleans, will not cause wholesale devastation, and will not result in the need for a massive humanitarian relief effort.

This means that Republicans have, in all probability, canceled Monday’s prime-time convention activities for no good reason, thus ceding to liberals the argument that even the weather is political. The besetting sins of the GOP are not greed and indifference, but cowardice and stupidity.

UPDATE II: Michelle Malkin: “God is not on your side, gloating sleazeballs.”

August 31, 2008

Video: Maverick defends Palin pick

John McCain says Sarah Palin looks good in a bikini is “the change we need in Washington.”

“Twenty percent of our energy comes from the state of Alaska, and energy is obviously one of the key issues for our nation’s security. . . .
“[S]he’s been to Kuwait. She’s been over there. She’s been with her troops. The National Guard that she commands, who have been over there and had the experience, I’m proud of her knowledge of these challenges and issues. . . . When she was taking tough positions against her own party, Senator Obama was voting present 130 times in the state legislature. On every tough issue, whatever it was, she was taking them on. That’s the kind of judgment that I’m confident that we need in Washington. And she looks hot in a bikini, too.”

Maybe I added that last part.

August 31, 2008

MoDo on Palin

A vice-presidential candidate who has “never even been on Meet the Press”? The horror!

August 31, 2008

Sources say . . .

TBSH notes that Alan Wolfe is apparently using Andrew Sullivan as a source for claiming that Sarah Palin named her 14-year-old daughter Willow after a character on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” — except that “Buffy” didn’t debut until Willow Palin was 3 years old.

Reihan Salam:

Attention all those who want to defeat McCain-Palin: please ridicule Sarah Palin. Five kids with silly white trash names! She was the mayor of a small town! Ha! I mean, look at her — she must be dumb! And where did she go to school? . . . Her mere existence is an insult to women. She eats moose, she rides a snowmobile, and she supports drilling.

Don Surber invokes the Gretchen Wilson song “Redneck Woman,” which fits in real well with Palin trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from the state police. Where I come from, it’s not really a divorce until somebody gets their car keyed and at least one of the parties is under a restraining order.

BTW, 70% of my hits in the last hour were visiting the “Sarah Palin bikini pics” post. C’mon, Steve Schmidt, e-mail me those JPEGs. I protect my sources.

August 31, 2008

Zogby: McCain 47%, Obama 45%

Big grain of salt, due to the online methodology of this Zogby poll, but . . .

Republican John McCain’s surprise announcement Friday of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate — some 16 hours after Democrat Barack Obama’s historic speech accepting his party’s presidential nomination — has possibly stunted any Obama convention bump, the latest Zogby Interactive flash poll of the race shows. . . .
Overall, 52% said the selection of Palin as the GOP vice presidential nominee helps the Republican ticket. . . .
The interactive survey shows that 22% of those voters who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in their primary elections or caucus earlier this year are now supporting John McCain.

The timing of the veep announcement was perfect, in terms of stopping the cable news networks from endlessly re-rolling footage of Obama’s acceptance speech at the Barackopolis. And the choice of Palin was newsworthy enough to dominate the news cycle all weekend. Even if much of the coverage was negative, coverage is coverage, and it’s likely that Palin will still be on the front-page headlines Monday morning.

August 31, 2008

Alabama 34, Clemson 10

Zero rushing yards. Think about that.

The University of Alabama’s defense held No. 9 Clemson to zero rushing yards Saturday night in the Georgia Dome, as the Crimson Tide opened its seccond season under coach Nick Saban with an impressive 34-10 victory over the Tigers.

If Alabama continues to play as well as it played Saturday night, the Crimson Tide will play in the Georgia Dome again this season — in the Southeastern Conference Championship Game.

Alabama had 259 rushing yards, and Tide QB John Parker Wilson completed 22 of 30 passes for 180 yards and two touchdowns.

Being an Alabama fan means that as long as the Tide has a zero in the losses column, you’re thinking national championship. With 14 freshmen in the two-deep lineup, ‘Bama is very inexperienced — they committed too many penalties last night, typical of a young squad — but against Clemson they showed the kind of physical dominance that inspires expectations.
August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin bikini pics

UPDATE 9/26: Finally! Video of Sarah Palin strutting her stuff in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant swimsuit competition!

PREVIOUSLY: See-Dubya seems to think it’s only crazy left-wing bloggers trying to get photos of Sarah Palin in a bikini. But I’m with Ace: I’m all about getting the random Google-search traffic (e.g., Anne Hathaway).

So if you’ve got photos of Sarah Palin in the 1984 Miss Alaska swimsuit competition, or pictures of Sarah Palin during Spring Break ’83 at Cabo showing her stuff in a wet T-shirt contest, or Sarah Palin posing topless in a thong for an auto parts calendar, please e-mail these scandalous photos to me immediately.

Because you’d want a greedy capitalist blogger to get all that awesome traffic, wouldn’t you, Steve Schmidt? It just wouldn’t be fair for some left-winger to cash in on exploiting the Republican vice presidential candidate, when a conservative could exploit the VPILF just as well.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan:

I find the comparison with Obama ludicrous.

OK, fine, Andrew. However, I do have photos of Obama in a swimsuit, splashing in the surf, if that makes you happy. And we both know it does, right?

UPDATE II: Linked at Right Wing News, which also links to Dr. Melissa Clouthier’s post with the headline, “Sarah Palin Topless Photos.”

UPDATE III: OK, it’s not a bikini, but here is a teenage Sarah Heath (#22) with her brother Chuck and sister Heather:

UPDATE IV: I’ve sent an e-mail to the McCain campaign, requesting that they supply the blogosphere with authentic bikini photos. The worst they can do is say no.

UPDATE V: Charlie Martin is … uh, helpful.

UPDATE VI (9/4): Several people have e-mailed me this photo of Sarah Palin holding a gun and wearing a star-spangled bikini:

This is an obvious Photoshop job — Palin is wearing glasses and has her hair up, as in all the other pictures of her online. Also, the angle of the neck and head are a mismatch.

UPDATE VII (9/5): Bikini pics help GOP in Gallup, Rassmussen polls. (“Issues? We don’t need no stinkin’ issues!“)

UPDATE VIII (9/7): Somebody just e-mailed me a link to an (obviously fake, but still NSFW) topless Sarah Palin photo.

August 30, 2008

Quote of the Day

“What I’ve had to do, though, is in the middle of the night, put down the BlackBerries and pick up the breast pump.”
Sarah Palin (via Hot Air)