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August 1, 2008

McCain Web ads = more revenue

This is weird news:

Google predicts that the term “Barack Obama” will generate 153 to 191 clicks per day on related advertisements. But “John McCain” does much better as advertiser bait: Google estimates that those ads get 213 to 266 clicks per day. In other words, the Google advertising market is telling us that “John McCain” is more valuable than “Barack Obama.”

Perhaps this is because Obama’s online operation is more extensive, and thus his supporters don’t are less likely to click Google ads in search of information about the candidate.

August 1, 2008

July: Another record month

Note to self: Mock feminists more often.

That would seem to be the lesson of traffic statistics for July, when The Other McCain set a new monthly record with 45,143 visits (66,255 page views). This continues five months of phenomenal readership growth since I started blogging full-time in March (6,625 visits that first month). As of today, the daily average is over 3,000 visitors.

The big traffic surge came over the past weekend, after Dr. Helen and Instapundit linked my post mocking feminist bloggers who were whining about the “online glass ceiling.” This prompted additional linkage by Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades HQ, Don Surber, Ed Driscoll, James Joyner, Vox Day, Rachel Lucas and others, including some angry feminist bloggers. In all, this drove about 17,000 hits in a three-day period (July 27-29). The daily visit count has stayed above 1,000 in the three days following that surge, with links from National Review Online, Conservative Grapevine, and Michelle Malkin.

As noted earlier, while peak traffic is always driven by links from biggies like Insty, Malkin, Ace, etc., the key to improving average traffic is to have “higher lows” — residual traffic that keeps the Site Meter from plummeting to zero at times when there is no new linkage. There were only six days in July with less than 500 hits.

Of course, most of what’s on the blog is politics, and as attention to the presidential campaign heats up during coming months, it is to be hoped that traffic will continue to increase. But that doesn’t mean an end to celebrity babe-blogging.

August 1, 2008


Say good-bye to inevitability:

[I]t is a substantial turnaround from earlier this week when Obama held a statistically significant lead coming off his high-profile trip to Europe, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. . . .
This suggests that the recent surge in voter support for Obama has truly subsided.
The contrast between Obama’s recent advantage over McCain (ranging from six to nine points) and today’s result is particularly notable because this is McCain’s strongest showing in over a month. (Emphasis added.)

It’s also the first time since May 21-25 that Obama has been below 45% in Gallup’s tracking poll. Hope (1961-2008) R.I.P.

UPDATE: Hope can’t survive ridicule:

(Via Hot Air.) Watch out for that shark, Fonz!

UPDATE II: Just noticed this DNC video at Hot Air:

Allahpundit: “Let Obama’s numbers drop another three or four points and we’ll see how they feel about negative ads then.” Of course, an ad accusing your opponent of unfair advertising is … a negative ad.

August 1, 2008

Salute to El Rushbo

Michelle Malkin reminds us that today is the 20th anniversary of Excellence in Broadcasting — it was on this day in 1988 that Rush Limbaugh began what has become the most successful program in radio history.

From Day One, the All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Powerful Maharushie was never afraid to be controversial. He drove ’em nuts with the Swiftian suggestion that America should tax the poor:

Now, what’s slowing this country down? Tell you who it is. The poor. The poor and the lower classes of this country have gotten a free ride ever since the Great Depression, when it became noble to be poor. . . . My friends, we have the wealthiest poor in the world. They’re the ones who get all the benefits in this country. They’re the ones that are always pandered to. We have been encouraging poverty because they need government. And Democrats love giving money away to the poor, because it creates a need. And, boy, have we created a dependency class, and do they give anything back, do they pay any taxes? No. They don’t have to file any income taxes. They don’t pay a thing. They contribute nothing to this country. They do nothing but take from it. It is serious. It is time to get serious about raising taxes on the poor.

Brilliant. At this very moment, Rush is replaying the original call that led to “Dan’s Bake Sale.”

August 1, 2008

How the media picked Obama

“Hillary Clinton would prove the perfect opponent for Obama, because the Clintons’ long-established reputation as the most calculating political family in modern history obscured how devious Obama could be. As a result, the media — and Democratic voters — sided with the nice, innocent-seeming Obama over the nasty, cut-throat Clintons during the primaries.”
Philip Klein, American Spectator

August 1, 2008

Rasmussen: Obama 47%, McCain 46%

Another dead-heat poll, indicating (a) Obama’s foreign trip was a flop, and/or (b) the newly aggressive strategy of Team Maverick is working.

August 1, 2008

Evil racist attack ad

Please watch this ad from the McCain campaign and see if you can spot the hateful message:

Yeah. Me, neither. Nor could any reasonable person see “hate” in that ad. Britney, Paris, Obama — celebrities, famous for being famous — an ad obviously intended to raise the question of whether Obama (who’s only been in the Senate since 2005) has the experience needed to lead the country in this difficult time of crisis at home and abroad.

Yet somehow, the media see a racist message. Why? Well, because the Obama campaign told them the message is there. See, in case you didn’t notice, Britney and Paris are both Caucasians, and because Obama’s father was Kenyan, this proves that the GOP is being mentored by the departed spirit of Theodore Bilbo … or something like that.

It’s absurd beyond words, a paranoid delusion, a martydom complex on the part of Democrats who (a) insisted on a very inexperienced liberal as their presidential nominee and then (b) cry “racism” the minute Republicans point out that he is … a very inexperienced liberal. But since it is apparently “racism” to depict Obama in the vicinity of any white female, what are they going to do about this hatemongering image?

Why, it’s practically an outtake from “Mandingo”!

UPDATE: Another hateful attack:

I think he could put his entire energy policy on the back of a cocktail napkin with plenty of room for his foreign policy left over.

This is obviously racism. Where do we find cocktail napkins? In bars. And why do guys go to bars? To pick up women. Hint, hint. The racism is subliminal, but it’s there. It’s got to be. Because the only reason anyone ever criticizes Obama is racism.

UPDATE II: First it was cocktail napkins, now it’s “beer goggles”! Oh, these evil racists are everywhere, I tell you . . .