Eggheads for Obama

While searching for demographic data on the current election, I came across this from Gallup:

Barack Obama has by far his greatest strength among voters with postgraduate education, while John McCain has his highest level of support among voters who have a college degree but no postgraduate education.

Obama wins 54%-39% among those with a postgraduate education. In other words, Obama mostly represents “Hope” for Ph.Ds. The trend is most remarkable among white voters, the pointy-heads are the only educational subgroup that Obama wins:

So, while whites with a bachelor’s degree favor McCain by a 17-point margin, whites with graduate degrees favor Obama by 7 points — a 24-point gap between the academic elite and the middle class.

UPDATE: Remarking on Maureen Dowd’s’s Obama-as-Darcy analogy, certified egghead Ann Althouse asks:

If we’re going to get all English proffy, heavy on the race-and-gender talk, shouldn’t we critique Dowd for portraying the black man’s pursuit of political office as a sexual exploit?

Yowww. Claw it out amongst yourselves, ladies. Good thing I resisted the urge to call that post “MoDo Gets Her Groove Back.”

UPDATE II: More poll data from Gallup, showing that — just like our academic superiors — those enlightened Europeans also prefer Obama:

Oui, nous pouvons!

UPDATE III: The eminently eggheaded George Will points out that it is Obama who keeps injecting race into the campaign:

Via Hot Air, where Ed Morrisey says:

It wasn’t an inclusive statement, or a historical note, but an allegation that
McCain and his campaign used or will use race as a fear tactic. Unfortunately,
[liberals] have exactly zero examples of this to bolster these smears.

Yes, but having “zero examples” never stopped ’em. They’ve got exactly zero examples of successful liberal programs, but yet they keep advocating more.

UPDATE IV: Andrew Sullivan (a European import with a graduate degree from Harvard) accuses the McCain campaign of “playing the argula card.”

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