Dr. Helen and ‘nice guys’

Dr. Helen Smith on “Dating Advice for Men,” in which she makes reference to the “nice guys finish last” complaint.

Nice guys, pay attention: The lady doesn’t owe you anything. Get it? Your mere “niceness” does not impose on her a reciprocal obligation. You are using your niceness as a Trojan Horse to get yourself inside the walled city, and when she spots this scheme and foils it, you cry foul. You’d be better off to make your play straight-up, accept the rejection and move on, rather than using the ambiguity of “niceness” to avert an immediate rejection.

The complaint that girls mistreat “nice guys” is actually a defense mechanism, a sort of sour-grapes method of projecting responsibility for your own shortcomings onto those who have spurned you: It’s not that I’m sexually insecure, socially awkward, and a lousy dancer. No, my problem is that I’m nice — and they’re all cold-hearted, selfish bitches.

Guys, study the Damone 5-Point Plan:

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