Unmitigated idiocy

Joseph Palermo is a professor of history at Cal State-Sacramento, and is also an idiot. Palermo makes reference to objectionable material on the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) Web site, and says:

This kind of racism aimed at Barack Obama’s candidacy for president should not be tolerated as we approach the most intense phase of the election cycle.
This kind of white supremacy, interconnected with the Republican Party . . . should require clear and repeated denunciations from John McCain.

The CCC is not “interconnected with the Republican Party,” and does not take its marching orders from the GOP or from John McCain. (I’m sure CCC chairman Gordon Lee Baum would laugh at the very suggestion.)

Thus, Palermo is asking McCain to repudiate attacks that he never authorized or endorsed, by an organization in which he is not involved. It’s like asking Obama to repudiate every offensive remark posted in the comment fields of Democratic Underground or Daily Kos.

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