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August 14, 2008

Team Obama cedes the obvious

Hillary’s name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention in Denver:

During the Denver gathering, Democrats will officially choose Obama to run against Republican John McCain this fall, but the state delegations will do a traditional roll call for their nominee’s vanquished primary opponent as well. . . .
The two sides made the announcement Thursday in a collegial joint statement.
“I am convinced that honoring Senator Clinton’s historic campaign in this way will help us celebrate this defining moment in our history and bring the party together in a strong united fashion,” said Obama, an Illinois senator.

If Obama and his DNC allies had sought to deny Hillary a roll-call vote, it would have been a most un-democratic convention. Score this a victory for the PUMAs.

August 14, 2008

Barack Kwame Kilpatrick Obama

Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm says “it would be incredibly cynical and wrong” for the GOP to take advantage of the scandal surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who has been charged with conspiracy, perjury, obstruction of justice, misconduct in office, and felony assault.

Kilpatrick is a Democratic super-delegate whom Barack Obama has praised as “doing an outstanding job”:

(Via Hot Air.) The Kilpatrick scandal is apparently one reason Obama hasn’t been able to pull away in Michigan — polls show him leading, but barely outside the margin of error.

It’s easy to see how Kilpatrick being front-page news would tend to heighten racial sensibilities in the state. If Obama throws Kilpatrick under the bus, it would alienate some black voters. But as long as Kilpatrick is on the bus, it tends to alienate some percentage of white voters in Michigan. Team Obama’s hope is that the Kilpatrick scandal will go away without requiring Obama to take a stand.

UPDATE 9/4: Kilpatrick pleads guilty, resigns.

August 14, 2008

Walter Shapiro, disappointed

Nearly 40 years in journalism, and he still accepts Democrats at face value?

Five days after Edwards flat-lined on “Nightline,” I am still embarrassed by how badly I misjudged him both in print and in my personal feelings. . . .
My wife (a magazine writer who developed her own friendship with Elizabeth) and I had several off-the-record dinners with the Edwardses. . . .
I naively believed that I knew Edwards as well as I understood anyone in the political center ring. Yet I never saw this sex scandal coming — partly because I accepted the mythology that surrounded the Edwards’ marriage and partly because I assumed that any hint of a wandering eye would have come out during the 2004 campaign.

Shapiro then draws this “moral to the story”:

If we stopped expecting would-be presidents to be paragons of marital fidelity and shining examples of religious faith in the public sphere, we would not set ourselves up for constant disappointment at human frailty.

No, the real lesson is far more simple: Don’t trust politicians . . . especially millionaire lawyer politicians.

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August 14, 2008

Weird confession

My friend Victor Morton, the Rightwing Film Geek, says that the issue of Playboy featuring an interview with Siskel and Ebert was “one of only three issues I ever purchased.” Heh.

Also, the new remake of Brideshead Revisited doesn’t suck as bad as Victor expected.

August 14, 2008


Thomas Frank:

Conservatism is an organic expression of the business community, which is the most powerful element of American society.

Eh? Russell Kirk, Whittaker Chambers, Richard Weaver — just shills for the Chamber of Commerce?

August 14, 2008

McCain disses Lieberman?

Michelle Malkin caught John McCain refusing to come to Joe Lieberman’s defense during a press conference. I wouldn’t call it “under the bus,” but it is certainly odd.

The way to handle a question like that is to say, “Hey, Joe can speak for himself. I’m proud to have his support, but I don’t tell him what he can or cannot say, or put words in his mouth. If you’ve got a problem with something Joe said, take it up with him.”

August 14, 2008

My readers in Iraq

My most recent article in the American Spectator draws a letter to the editor from Michael Tomlinson, who’s stationed at Camp Habbaniyah, Iraq:

Robert Stacy McCain is too easily swayed and frightened by polls. While John McCain may be slightly behind or even tied with Obama in the polls the good news is Obama isn’t doing as well as his Democrat predecessors at this time in the election cycle.

“Frightened by polls”? I’m not frightened. I was just including a “state of the race” assessment in a feature article about McCain’s appearance in Pennsylvania when I wrote:

That the result on Nov. 4 could hinge on Pennsylvania’s 21 electoral votes is an optimistic forecast for a candidate who continues to trail his Democratic rival in recent national polls. No Republican presidential candidate has carried Pennsylvania since 1988, and recent statewide polls show Sen. Barack Obama leading by more than 7 points. . . .

While polls are flawed intruments, they are the only evidence we have to assess voter support for the candidates at this point. It’s certainly possible that Obama’s support will collapse in the next 82 days, but to assume such a collapse is to go beyond the available evidence.

I’m lousy at predictions, and I don’t do cheerleading, but I didn’t mean to offend Mr. Tomlinson or any other Republican by pointing out that the odds are against a McCain victory. As McCain himself said, he is the underdog.

August 14, 2008

Oh, you knew this was coming

A transvestite to compete on America’s Next Top Model:

One of the 14 girls who will compete on the new season of America’s Next Top Model — which returns to The CW on September 3 — is transgender.
“My cards were dealt differently,” Isis, a 22-year-old former receptionist, tells Us Weekly. . . .
Will she be a role model?
“I like to help people, but I’m here to follow my dreams,” she tells Us.
The inclusion of Isis is being hailed by GLAAD president Neil Giuliano as “an unprecedented opportunity for a community that is underrepresented on television.
“We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible,” Giuliano said.

This kind of PC gesture is only a gesture. “Isis” will not become a “top model,” and the entire purpose of her inclusion is to give TV time to an “underrepresented community.”

August 14, 2008

Say it ain’t so!

Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, 19, has been cheating with a 28-year-old floozy, Kelli Dawson.

Man, talk about a worldview-shattering disillusionment and the destruction of romantic idealism . . .