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August 15, 2008

Protectionism, the Left’s xenophobia debunks AFL-CIO/Obama attack ads that blame John McCain for layoffs in Ohio:

German-based DHL announced a deal that could result in 8,200 lost jobs in Wilmington, Ohio. And McCain did in fact oppose an amendment that would have kept DHL from buying Wilmington-based Airborne Express. . . .
[T]he Teamsters union praised the merger at the time, saying that it would lead to more jobs. And at first, more jobs indeed followed.
The ads also imply that the DHL merger is a direct cause of the job losses in Ohio, which we find to be both unlikely and unsubstantiated. Airborne Express had laid off 2,000 employees before the merger, and analysts at the time said that the struggling carrier would need to make expensive investments in its international infrastructure to remain competitive. . . .
The AFL-CIO mailer is the most explicit, saying that “McCain helped cut a deal that sent over 8,000 jobs to a foreign-owned company.” Obama’s television ad, which began airing on Aug. 14, charges that “John McCain helped pave the way for foreign-owned DHL to take over an American shipping company.”

This is how Democratic Party and labor union goons exploit fear and economic ignorance, and except for banning international trade, I don’t know what could ever satisfy them.

If U.S. companies invest overseas, that’s “off-shoring,” and is supposedly bad for American workers. but if foreign companies invest in the U.S., that’s a foreign “takeover,” and is supposedly bad for U.S. workers.

Airborne Express was experiencing hard times, and had already cut 2,000 jobs. So the company sells out to a German competitor, DHL. The hard times continue, however, and so another round of layoffs is necessary.

The DHL buyout did not cause the layoffs in Ohio. DHL inherited the problems at Airborne Express when it bought the company, and the layoffs are the result of those problems, which pre-existed the DHL buyout.

To blame the “foreign-owned company” is ridiculous, and to blame McCain for opposing an amendment that would have blocked the buyout is lunacy. There wouldn’t even be an America without investment by “foreign-owned companies”!

Hello? It was investment by British and Dutch capitalists that funded the original colonial ventures in what is now the United States. Foreign capital helped build the railroads that spanned a continent. The United States has always welcomed foreign investment, because foreign investment is a very good thing.

Ever since the 1970s, the Left has been demonizing foreign investors — especially Arabs and Japanese — who are supposedly buying up everything in America as part of some shadowy takeover scheme. This is ignorant nonsense, anti-economic gibberish.

When foreigners invest their money in U.S. businesses, this is a vote of confidence in America’s prospects for economic growth. Capital investment creates jobs.

If, in this one instance, the DHL buyout of Airborne Express has been followed by layoffs, it does not follow that the buyout caused the layoffs. This is the logical fallacy known as post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

So why is it “hate” when Americans complain about an illegal influx of poor Mexican workers, yet it’s not “hate” when Democrats demonize the legal business activity of rich German investors? Why is dishonest fear-mongering about foreign capitalists not stigmatized as xenophobia?

Because the Left controls the terms of debate, that’s why. They are permitted to spread harmful anti-economic ideas and even to promote fear of foreigners, so long as it helps elect Democrats. But don’t you for a minute think their opponents enjoy any such privilege.


August 15, 2008

Signs that Obama is in trouble

St. Andrew of the Bleeding Heart:

Since Obama’s hubris in Berlin, he has lost almost every cycle of this campaign, and lost all of them quite badly. I’m not sure his campaign gets how far they have sunk, and how ineffectual and passive Obama has seemed these past few weeks.

This is basically a reiteration of the “why don’t they get tough?” meme, where liberals claim that Democrats lose because they refuse to take the gloves off. As if accusing Bush of plotting 9/11 as part of a conspiracy to gut the Bill of Rights, steal Iraq’s oil and funnel profits to Halliburton didn’t constitute an “attack.”

Meanwhile, as Ace notes, St. Andrew has accused John McCain of being a “drama queen.”

August 15, 2008

Just. Too. Weird.

Weird. Beyond. Words.

Also incredibly weird.

August 15, 2008

Rev. Caldwell: Thou shalt not joke

The pastor who officiated at Jenna Bush’s wedding is horrified that John McCain made a joke:

“Well, I don’t know a lot about John McCain’s family history, I do know, however, that as recently as last week I think it was, the Senator made a comment in South Dakota regarding his wife entering some Buffalo Chips contest which is this topless deal and if she were to enter she would probably win it and my personal opinion and based on my understanding of the Christian faith, that’s not not, N-O-T, not the type of expression that a presidential candidate, or anyone for that matter who is a follower of the Christian faith, ought to make,” said the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell. “I don’t know if that is a perfect case in point, but it surely does help to juxtapose the DNA of Senator Obama, if you would, versus the DNA of Senator McCain.”

What part of “lighten up” doesn’t he understand? Here’s the obvious joke at the Sturgis rally:

ABC is engaged in Obama propaganda here, because while the pastor is introduced in the lede as having officiated at Jenna’s wedding, it’s not until the fourth paragraph that we are told:

Caldwell, a close personal friend of President Bush who supports Obama for president, is the senior pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Caldwell made his comments on a conference call with reporters sponsored by the Matthew 25 Network, a liberal Christian Group. Matthew 25 is planning to air a pro-Obama ad on Saturday during the Rick Warren forum with Obama and McCain.

So, a pro-Obama pastor is engaged in pro-Obama politics. Not surprising. The story, as written, is misleading.

This really kind of frosts me. Republicans suffer from the image of being uptight, stuffy prudes. But when a Republican makes a little joke — My wife could win Miss Buffalo Chips, harharhar — suddenly liberals cry foul. What next from ABC News?

Republican Jokes
About Homeless,

By Jake Tapper

GOP and McCain campaign officials yesterday denounced a right-wing Internet site that advocates violence against the homeless and Scandinavians.
“We absolutely abhor these ideas,” McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said in a statement. “Senator McCain has many friends in the Scando-American community, and several of his former top campaign staffers are currently living
under bridges in cardboard boxes, so the Senator deeply appreciates the plight of the homeless.
The controversy ensued after complaints about an Internet blog site known as Ace of Spades HQ, whose Republican proprietor has repeatedly made comments about “beating up hobos,” having sex with “Latino trannies,” and has used terms like “lutefisk gobblers” to demean Scandinavians.
“We consider the term ‘hobo’ to be profoundly offensive to the homeless-American community,” said Maureen O’Shaunessy, spokesperson for the National Alliance for Housing. “This kind of language constitutes an assault on the dignity of the millions of innocent people who suffer this plight as the result of the housing crisis.”
Attempts to contact the pseudonymous proprietor of the Ace of Spades site were unsuccessful . . .

Continued on Page 213

UPDATE: Rev. Caldwell appears in this ad by the Religious Left group Matthew 25:

Allahpundit sees “a thinly veiled attack on McCain,” but I don’t see how that works, given that Maverick’s been married to his current wife for longer than Barack has been married to his wife. To raise the issue of McCain’s 1980 divorce is to suggest that whatever Obama was doing in 1980 — keggers in college? — is also fair game. I think Team Obama ought to heed the advice of the unnamed Republican strategist quoted by ABC: “My advice to the Obama people: ‘proceed with extreme caution.’ They don’t want to get into a discussion of character and background.”

August 15, 2008

Illegals support Obama

Lisa Schiffren reports from New York:

As it happens, most of the counterfeit purses, sunglasses, and some other shlock are sold by West Africans, most of whom are here illegally. In recent days, around the city I have noticed a new addition to their wares: rows of baseball caps with an “Obama” logo. No McCain caps — ever. If you ask, they laugh in a none too friendly way.

For pointing this out, Ms. Schiffren is accused of being anti-capitalist. Myself, I’m all in favor of unauthorized, bootleg, tax-dodging, sidewalk capitalism in New York. Anything that cheats the Bloomberg bureaucracy out of a nickel is a good thing. The more the underground economy booms, the greater the likelihood the city’s deficits will force the city to lay off some of the subnormal parasitical scum they call “public school teachers.”

August 15, 2008

Poll Watch update

Gallup TIED: McCain 44%, Obama 44%

Obama was up by 6 just two days ago. Gallup says the shift is “due more to movement away from Obama than toward McCain. . . . This could to some degree reflect Obama’s absence from the campaign trail while he vacations in Hawaii.”

The daily tracking polls lately have had more ups and downs than Rielle Hunter in John Edwards’ hotel room.

Rasmussen today finds Barack Obama 2 points ahead of John McCain, 47%-45% (“leaners” included). And to show you what kind of idiots the Democratic Party attracts, 24% of Democrats say they still think it’s possible Hillary Clinton could win the nomination.

Will update later with the Gallup numbers and such other new poll data as I can manage to corner in the men’s restroom of the Beverly Hilton.

August 15, 2008

Video: College debate professors demonstrate advanced rhetorical techniques

As Ace says, “latter-day Ciceros”:

My college professors never mooned each other or called each other “f***ing a**holes.” Maybe this explains my lack of progressive enlightenment.

UPDATE: I’m on my third viewing now — this is better than the Olympics — and love how the Emory University professor gets up on a chair and starts ranting (about 7:25) about “community”:

I think most, if not all, of you want to build bridges. And if you don’t want to build bridges, I’m not talking to you!

Beyond parody . . .

August 15, 2008

Barack: Under the bus, Kwame

Detroit’s indicted mayor is unwelcome in Denver:

The convention should be about the economic problems facing the nation overall and Michigan specifically, Brent Colburn, Obama’s Michigan campaign spokesman said.
“Many Michigan families are struggling as a result of the failed policies and old politics that John McCain wants to continue. The focus of our convention to people back here in Michigan should be on Barack Obama and how the party intends to get America back on track, not a distraction involving the troubles of one individual,” Colburn said in a statement released this afternoon.
Later today, Kilpatrick issued a statement calling Obama’s nomination “a historic event, however I’m focused on running the city, and I don’t want anything to distract from that extraordinary moment. The focus should remain on uniting the party and leading our great nation in a different direction.”

Translation: Democratic Party bigwigs told Kwame to shut up and skip the convention, or else his corrupt party cronies might not be too generous with those legal-defense-fund contributions.

But notice the double standard: Nobody’s disinviting the Chappaquiddick swim champ, are they?

(Hat tips: JWF and AOSHQ.)

August 15, 2008

Morons for peace

Crusty ’60s leftover Tom Hayden chronicles how the “peace” movement has spent the past year shooting itself in the foot. To quote esteemed political philosopher Larry the Cable Guy, that there’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

August 15, 2008

McCain: $27 million in July

On a conference call this morning, John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis talked about the Republican fund-raising operation, and said the campaign raised $27 million in July and completed the month with $21 million cash on hand.

The RNC will report raising $26 million in July, ending the month with $75 million cash on hand, Davis said.

In addition, Davis said, GOP state committees in key states have another $100 million cash on hand. Overall, the McCain campaign feels that they are in a very competitive position with the Barack Obama campaign. Beginning Sept. 1, the Republican will have more than $80 million in federal matching funds.

Ed Morrisey of Hot Air asked if Obama’s foreign trip had affected fundraising, and Davis said “not so much in July as in August” there had been “an uptick in Internet fundraising” as a result of the success of a YouTube video that got over 1 million views.

Davis noted that both parties are holding their conventions relatively late this year, so that there are only 10 weeks from the start of the conventions until Election Day, which he called “one of the most intense political periods we’ve ever seen.”

Davis assessed the current situation as a “pretty even race,” saying that the McCain campaign has “effectively consolidated” the Republican base, remains “competitive with independent voters,” and is doing well with “disaffected Democrats.”

UPDATE: Showing his alarm over the fundraising success of the McCain campaign, Barack Obama went bodysurfing.

UPDATE II: Ed Morrisey notes:

The invitation came at short notice, and I assumed it would cover their fundraising numbers for July. Calling a press conference to announce it indicated that they either had good news, or needed to explain bad news.

Probably Team Maverick expects Obama to announce huge numbers for July, and so they wanted to get ahead of the story by putting McCain’s numbers in context of the large RNC/state GOP fundraising operation.