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August 20, 2008


Within the margin of error:

“Whatever momentum that Obama took into the summer, he really appears to have lost it,” says Republican pollster Neil Newhouse, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart. “It is not a dead heat, but it is close.” . . .
Obama . . . receives the support of just one in two voters who backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries. . . .

Yadda, yadda. Experts telling us what to think. Welcome to New Media. Just go to the numbers and draw your own conclusions. Here’s Allah:

The X factor appears to be Hillary nuts, so devoted to their own cult that they can’t quite bring themselves to join the Messiah’s. In fact, she leads McCain by six in a hypothetical match-up, twice the margin Obama enjoys. . . . So diehard are her fans, in fact, that she’s had to put together a “whip team” to make sure they don’t do anything nutty to embarrass Barry O at the convention.

Thanks, Allah, for evoking the mental image of Hillary and her “whip team.” Brain bleach, anyone?

UPDATE: What is this, National Everybody Release a Poll Day? CBS/NYTimes poll also has it at Obama 45%, McCain 42%.

UPDATE II: And yet another national poll, this one the highly respected bipartisan Battleground Poll, which shows McCain 47%, Obama 46%.

August 20, 2008

Nudist investment opportunity

This thing just showed up as spam in my inbox the other day:

Cambium is a unique environment in the tropical Caribbean where just such a life is possible. Nearly three square miles of beautiful, lush countryside are to be set aside as a naturist paradise where individuals and families can live in peace amongst like-minded people all year round or as and when the timing suits them. . . .
The site is being specifically created for holistic living with a strong emphasis on living in harmony with Nature. The wearing of clothes is not required at any time or in any place within the territory, which greatly enhances the feeling of freedom and oneness with nature. . . .
Cambium is located in the Dominican Republic (DR). If you can live comfortably on £1,100 per month in the UK after tax, then you should be able to live equally comfortably in the DR for £380 per month, once you have bought your property.

I have no reason to suspect that this is a complete scam, but that’s exactly what I suspect, anyway. Even if it were a perfectly legitimate investment, however, I’m thinking your average “naturist” looks nothing at all like the two hotties strolling under the palms in the photo at their Web site. Caveat emptor.

August 20, 2008


Via Hot Air.

August 20, 2008

D Minus-5

Five days from now, I’ll be in Denver, perhaps rolling into VodkaPundit‘s place about 2 a.m. Monday. I’m sure he’s having a grand time trying to explain this to Mrs. VodkaPundit: “But honey, he’s a professional journalist . . .”

There will be many important stories to cover during the Democratic National Convention. Not all of these stories will involve large expense tabs at Shotgun Willie’s, although my sources in Denver say that fine establishment is where many delegates and Obama campaign operatives plan to spend most of the week.

“Unofficial HQ,” as Barack and his hard-partying crew from Chicago say and, hey, when you’re raising $50 million a month, why not? The taco plate’s only $9.25, and it’s a perfectly legitimate campaign expense: Community outreach.

In between mingling with the political insiders at Shotgun Willie’s, we’ll also be covering the street carnival of clueless morons dangerous radicals progressive activists engaged in futile gestures pseudo-political wanking constitutionally-protected dissent on the streets of Denver.

Of course, we will also cover the intolerable snoozefest endless demagoguery exciting developments at the convention itself.

This should be one of the most important political events of our lifetime, and we’ll be right there at the platform debate the major speeches Shotgun Willie’s.

Trust me. I’m a professional, remember?

UPDATE: Badger Blog Alliance:

There is no problem so great it cannot be solved through brute strength and ignorance. And maybe Photoshop.

Indeed. Ruhypnol can also come in handy.

August 20, 2008

Josh Marshall smears Obama

Liberal blogger on Obama: “silly and weak and achieves nothing.” Maybe someone with dog-whistle hearing can decode this for us.

August 20, 2008

‘With the best intentions’

“Even within families with the best intentions, race can intrude in ugly ways. We can’t escape … this historical legacy that this country’s created.”
Barack Obama, 1995

There’s probably some kind of profound essay I should write about this, but between the “dog whistle” smears and everything else, I just don’t feel like it right now.

What Obama is dealing with here, in his ultra-sincere bien pensant manner, is the nature of identity in a multiethnic society. At some level, we cannot escape who we are — the subtitle of his book, after all, is “A Story of Race and Inheritance.”

Non-Obamamaniacs, I think, will focus on his contextualization of his own identity within “historical legacy that this country’s created.” What, exactly, does he mean by this? Any conservative, hearing a liberal speak that phrase in such a context — essentially smearing his own grandmother as a bigot — automatically senses a classic anti-American sentiment, the idea that racism is something invented by America, a sin of which America is uniquely guilty.

That Obama seemed so drawn toward his Kenyan father, who had abandoned him, and so indifferent to the American family who raised him, is the kind of puzzle that would tempt an armchair psychologist. But as I said, I’m weary of the whole subject, and merely note a few points on the graph, perhaps for future reference.

Please feel free to comment. By the way, there are two other segments of that 1995 interview online: Part 2 and Part 3.

August 20, 2008


Unless this is one final head-fake, it looks like Obama’s picking Indiana Gov. Evan Bayh as his running mate.

Impressive: A Sister Souljah move, dissing the “progressive netroots community”? As Allahpundit notes:

The nutroots threw a tantrum last week over Bayh being on the shortlist, with lefty blogger Steve Clemons claiming a few days ago that he’d been summarily dropped by the campaign in response. It’s worth hoping this rumor’s true just to hear them squeal.

Yeah, and watch the PUMAs burn when St. Hopey disses Hillary by picking some vanilla-bland Midwest corporate white dude. Anarchy in Denver!

August 20, 2008

Giuliani slams Obama adviser

UPDATE III: Ed Morrissey asks if the concern about lobbyists working on campaigns is “overblown,” and Rudy Giuliani mostly agrees, saying, “The focus should be on whether this is disclosed to the American people.”

Earlier, Townhall’s Matt Lewis got shot down when he tried to ask about McCain’s VP pick.

UPDATE II: A left-wing reporter just tried to play “gotcha” with Giuliani and McCain advisor Randy Scheunemann, accusing them of conflicts of interest. Scheunemann points out that his past lobbying activities have been fully disclosed under law, which is not the case with the Obama adviser who reportedly met with Syrian officials in Damascus.

UPDATE: Referring to this story about an Obama advisor who met with Syria’s dictatorship, Rudy Giuliani says Americans are “entitled to a president who understands how to conduct foreign policy,” speaking in a McCain campaign conference call.

Noting that the Obama campaign has over 300 foreign-policy advisers, Giuliani says, “I think the American people are entitled to know what the other 300 advisers are doing.”

More updates to come ….

PREVIOUSLY: I’m on hold waiting for this:

U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign will hold a press conference call with former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Randy Scheunemann, McCain 2008 Senior Foreign Policy Adviser to discuss reports that an Obama campaign Middle East adviser was recently in Damascus for meetings with Syrian officials.

Will update. While you wait, enjoy some photos of Kate Beckinsale in an orange bikini (hat tip: Conservative Grapevine.)

August 20, 2008

‘Wise guys and gals’

Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice has a nice roundup of reaction to the emergent anti-Obama trend, including this from MSNBC’s blog:

Nevertheless, there is no longer this widespread belief among the wise guys and gals of both parties that we’re all just sitting around waiting for this race to break in Obama’s direction.

By “wise guys and gals” the MSNBC crew actually means “all our sources and press-corps buddies.” This is exactly the point in today’s article about “the conventional wisdom among the political press that Obama is a sure thing to win in November.”

Team Obama has worked very hard to create the impression among political reporters that their guy is unbeatable. This spin was easy to sell to reporters who spent a year covering the Democratic primary, where Hope triumphed so spectacularly over Hillary. A general election is not a primary, however, and as I explained last month, the rookie is up against big-league pitching now.

Now, Team Obama has another problem of their own making: Liberal reporters who’ve felt they’d climbed aboard a winning bandwagon will now feel that they’ve been misled, and produce a steady stream of “what went wrong” stories.

(Cross-posted at AmSpecBlog.)

August 20, 2008

Always pray during takeoff

Always. If you know anything about air travel, you should know that the greatest danger is from V1 (takeoff velocity) until the plane reaches cruising altitude. The fuel tanks are full, the engines are at full power, and once you hit V2 (safety speed) and rotate (lift off), anything that goes wrong is a potential killer.

And here’s the thing: If your plane is going to crash because one of those (usually unavoidable) mechanical malfunctions, you were dead the moment you got on the plane.

You need to order The Black Box and read it while you’re waiting for your next flight. Always pray during takeoff.