‘Stop me before I speculate again’

Allahpundit gets in touch with his inner veepstakes junkie. After spending Sunday and Monday in a frenzy of veepmania, I tried to give it a rest yesterday (while working on my Spectator column). But really, if it’s Joe Biden, who cares? Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh would be fresh-faced news, but Biden? Yawn.

Team Maverick is serving red herring with a side order of will o’ the wisp, just trying to generate enough interest to keep Obama from dominating the news speculation cycle. Lieberman? I don’t believe it for a minute. That’s like the Giuliani boomlet. Everybody knows it’s really Pawlenty, but they have to pretend otherwise.

Oh, yeah: And my money’s still on Obama picking Kaine. In the drawing room. With a lead pipe.

UPDATE: Karl Rove tortures PUMAs by saying Obama should pick Hillary. Maybe he should, but he won’t. (Does it burn PUMAs? C’mon, tell me how much it burns.)

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