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August 21, 2008

Moby: Too cool to capitalize

Writing is not texting, and even if he had something worthwhile to say, the lack of capitalization annoys. Stick to DJing.

(BTW: Don’t they have editors at HuffPo? Couldn’t someone have at least formatted Moby’s “column” for him? Or is it just so much cooler to read it in its original gibberish format?)

August 21, 2008

New McCain ad: ‘Housing Problem’

Background on Tony Rezko:

On June 15, 2005, Obama bought a gorgeous house in Hyde Park for $1.65 million – $300,000 below the list price. Rezko bought the empty but attractive lot next door from the same seller at the same time; Obama would later buy part of Rezko’s lot, overpaying him. . . .
Rezko was a genius of corporate welfare who enriched himself at taxpayers’ expense, both legally and illegally, via his multiple political connections. . . . Rezko depended on Obama when he wanted legal access to the state treasury. The arrangement was a far cry from Obama’s image of “change and hope.” . . .
[S]everal of his official acts benefited Rezko, who in turn raised some $250,000 for Obama’s campaigns.
In October 1998, Obama wrote city and state officials, urging them to give Rezko $14 million to build an apartment complex outside of Obama’s state Senate district.

Old-style Chicago politics.

August 21, 2008

D Minus-4: ‘The One’

A new video to warm you up for the Denver revelation — a Mile High and an Inch Deep:

August 21, 2008

Ads hits Obama-Ayers connection

Allah asks:

Was this one set to roll today all along or was it in the chamber and ready to fire in case Obama tried a guilt-by-association ploy of his own first? Either way, acidic stuff.

Devastating, because it’s inarguably true. From page 2 of Donkey Cons:

The Weather Underground claimed credit for a dozen bombings from San Francisco to New York. In 1971, they bombed the U.S. Capitol. A year later, they bombed the Pentagon. In December 1980, after living for years as fugitives, [Bernardine] Dohrn and Ayers surrendered to the FBI. They were briefly jailed, but all charges against them were eventually dropped, prompting Ayers to brag later: “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird.”

Former terrorists Dorhn and Ayers helped sponsor Obama’s entry into politics, and he can’t deny it.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin:

No library gatekeepers can keep the lid on the truth forever. It’s out there

Ace of Spades:

Obama says the ad is “despicable.”
You know what’s despicable, Barack? Befriending an unrepentant terrorist who still supports violent terrorist bombing against your country, Barack.

You have to scroll down through a lot of mocking humor to get to the serious part, but both the humor and the serious stuff are good.

August 21, 2008

Scheduled anarchy?

The “Recreate ’68” protest crew has published its complete schedule of events for the Denver convention, including such highlights as:

9 a.m. “End the Occupation” march, Capitol
1 p.m. “Funk the War” dance party, Pepsi Center.
4 p.m. Copwatch training, Lincoln Park.

9 a.m. March to Freedom Cage, Skyline Park
6:30 p.m. Code Pink concert, Cuernavaca Park

2 p.m. Public Enemy concert, Civic Center Park
4 p.m. Third World Liberation Struggle-First World Alliance Teach-in, Civic Center Park

11 a.m. Rage Against the Machine concert, Coliseum
3:30 p.m. Iraq Veterans Against the War March, from the Coliseum to Cuernavaca Park

11 a.m. “Lockstep Behind the Party” protest, Pepsi Center
2 p.m. March to Invesco Field from Lincoln Park

Of course, if they’re trying to “recreate” the protests at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, they’re way too organized. The Chicago protest schedule was more like, “Get high, get laid, throw rocks at cops, scream ‘police brutality’ when the cops try to arrest you.”

The Denver protests will include a lot of unscheduled activity. I mean, you don’t really expect them to announce in advance when they’re going to start smashing windows and looting, do you?

August 21, 2008

Another Yankee know-it-all

A Salon writer observes:

In his essay “The End of the Long Hot Summer: The Air Conditioner and Southern Culture,” historian Raymond Arsenault wrote that air conditioning made factory work tolerable in the South, reduced infant mortality, eliminated malaria and allowed developers to build skyscrapers and apartment blocks. Air conditioning industrialized and urbanized Dixie, lifting it out of its post-Civil War funk. No longer a poor, defeated colony, devoted to government aid and hating on Abe Lincoln, the South could fully indulge its conservative leanings.

(Via Hot Air.) You’ve got at least one of your facts all wrong, Mr. Yankee know-it-all: Malaria was eliminated as a major illness in the South long before we had air conditioning. Window screens, DDT and swamp drainage.

But as to the larger point, indeed, the combination of air-conditioning and interstate highways ruined the South. Cobb County, Ga., nowadays is full of people who don’t even realize they’re no longer in Cleveland or Pittsburgh. The virus of Atlantaism has spread in about a 50-mile radius, roughly a circle from Cartersville to Buford to Covington to Griffin to Newnan to Bremen and back up to Cartersville. And they keep paving evetything in sight until, eventually, it’s all going to be one gigantic slab of asphalt, except for little clumps of shrubbery in front of those damned townhouse complexes they’re building everywhere.

My hometown of Lithia Springs long ago ceased to resemble itself — the old Umphrey farm where the Boy Scouts camped in my boyhood is now an industrial park/shopping center/hotel development. The Purdy family property, another Boy Scout campsite, is now a housing development with a golf course. What used to be a two-lane dirt roads are now, in many cases. five lanes.

But one thing that hasn’t changed about the South: Yankees still look down their noses at us. They can never imagine what thorough contempt a Southerner has for a Yankee’s opinion.

August 21, 2008

‘Mr. President, we thank you!’

Ms. Underestimated has video of U.S. women’s beach volleyball gold medalists taking time to thank President Bush “for all your inspiration.”

Like the man says, “Heh.”
August 21, 2008

Pennsylvania? Bitter!

Nothing like sending a New York Times reporter into the heartland to chronicle the misery of people less fortunate than New York Times reporters — i.e., 95% of America:

Few want a handout, but fewer want government to abandon them. A simmering hurt suffuses their words, a sense that neither hard work nor their unions could save them.
James Stanford, a retired and still heavily muscled steel worker, stood at his door and spoke of a pension that had evaporated. “Obama got one thing right,” he said. “We are bitter here.”
John Sylvester, 76, remembers when you could not find a parking space in Beaver Falls. You danced Saturday night at the Sons of Italy Club and drank with Dutch Town and River Rat neighborhood boys.
Mr. Sylvester labored in a steel mill for 42 years. Then the mill owner declared bankruptcy. Now he was bent over a chipped fire hydrant, putting down a coat of yellow paint for $7 an hour.
His blue eyes were piercing beneath a white sun visor. “I got a little money in the end but nothing to speak of,” he said.
Decades of job losses have created a youthful diaspora — you can knock on many doors without finding anyone under age 45. Declining enrollments forced Raccoon Township to close its elementary and middle schools. Political wisdom holds that such fractures favor the Democrats.
But Mr. Obama does not sound like a sure bet.
“Obama’s very charismatic but if you listen closely, he hasn’t said a whole lot,” Mr. Sylvester said.

I wonder if anyone ever pointed out to Mr. Sylvester that maybe the greedy ways of his union bosses had something to do with the bankruptcy of that steel mill.

I wonder, but I wouldn’t dare say that in a Pennsylvania steel town, where they have been taught for generations that labor unions are sacred. Unemployed union guys will punch you in the nose if you say anything bad about the unions that have bankrupted their former employers.

August 21, 2008

RNC beats DNC 10-to-1

Cash on hand totals:

  • Republican National Committee: $75.2 million
  • Democratic National Committee: $7.7 million

Team Obama’s sucking up all the liberal money, and when he spends it, it’s gone. And a lot of overhead is involved in fundraising, so much of what liberal donors are paying for is for Obama to hire more fund-raising operatives.

Meanwhile, Team Maverick is less than two weeks away from collecting — in a single lump-sum payment — $84 million in public financing. By then, there will be barely eight weeks remaining to spend the whole amount, which means the McCain campaign will be operating on a budget of $10 million a week, even while the RNC still has another $75 million to play around with.

All in all, you’re going to see more than $20 million a week of coordinated Republican activity from Labor Day through Nov. 4. So much for McCain-Feingold as way to “get the big money out of politics.”

August 21, 2008

Obama and Annenberg

Dan Riehl continues investigating Barack Obama’s involvement with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation-funded project to improve Chicago public schools that spent $50 million and yet “had little impact on student outcomes.” The project appears to have been basically a full-employment program for left-wing academics.

UPDATE: Riehl also notes the problematic role of Chicago politician Emil Jones in Obama’s career. Jones is typical Chicago machine pol.

Not long ago, I called Chicago “one of the most corrupt cities on the planet,” and got an angry e-mail from a Chicago resident, insisting with civic pride that his city is THE most corrupt city on the planet. I’ll let folks in New Orleans defend their own claim to World’s Most Corrupt City.