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August 27, 2008

Video: Anti-war march in Denver

They mustered about 4,000 marchers — 8% of the promised 50,000.

Radical obscenity.

Notice the astonishing whiteness of the marchers with the “no more racism” sign. The only person of color in the photo is a press photographer (left).

August 27, 2008

The Diner in Denver

Stephen Green of Vodka Pundit has lunch with “Diner” blogger James Lileks at the world-famous Sam’s No. 3 diner on 15th Street in Denver.

August 27, 2008

Denver: Vets say the surge worked

Vets for Freedom “hijacked” the anti-war “Bush Legacy” bus today in Denver, and Founding Bloggers was there.

BTW, yesterday, I saw the “Iraq Veterans Against the War” doing some sort of demonstration on 14th Street. Generally, they looked like a bunch of boot camp washouts, REMF file clerks, and dishonorable discharged losers.

August 27, 2008

Hillary: ‘Thanks . . . send money’

E-mail from Hillary Clinton:

Dear Robert,
Standing on that stage tonight in front of 20,000 Democrats unified behind Senator Obama, I saw a bright future for America. I saw millions of people across the country working as one to elect the next Democratic President. I saw a new President and a new Congress giving a voice to the voiceless. I saw America, the land of endless potential, regaining its role as a leader in the world.
I couldn’t be prouder of our party, of our nominee, and of all the work you and I have done together over the course of this campaign on behalf of the American people.
I knew that as I stood in front of that podium, I wasn’t alone. I had you, and everyone who has supported me, standing right up there with me. And that means the world to me.
Thank you again for everything you’ve done. Now let’s get to work helping elect Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and all of our great Democratic candidates!

And then a link to contribute to retire her campaign debt. Heh.

August 27, 2008

Day 3: Roll call

Today, they do the real business of the Democratic National Convention — the roll call vote for the nomination. A quick roll call of the headlines:

August 27, 2008

‘A meandering, tedious mess’

No, not my latest article. And not “Jessica Sideways.”

“A meandering, tedious mess” is what Andrew Sullivan called Tuesday’s speeches by Mark Warner and Bob Casey at the DNC.

August 27, 2008

The Illogical Caucus

My latest American Spectator article:

“One-in-three women in this country will be affected by rape, abuse or be killed,” [Rosario] Dawson tells the Women’s Caucus, and introduces the executive director of Voto Latino, Maria Theresa Peterson, who declares, “By 2040, Hispanics will be a majority in the United States.”
These are both dubious statistics. The “one-in-three” figure for women suffering from violence appears to be a derivative of the widely quoted claim that one-in-four women are victims of rape, a statistic denounced as a “myth” by the Independent Women’s Forum. And the Census Bureau projects Hispanics to be 22 percent of U.S. population by 2040, which is hardly a majority.
If they’re short on statistical validity, the Women’s Caucus is long on political enthusiasm. For all the talk about disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters in Denver, the speakers at yesterday’s caucus were unstinting in their praise for Obama. Even the most banal pronouncements were greeted by the delegates with cheers and chants of “Obama! Obama!”

Read the whole thing.

August 27, 2008

‘Some obscure law professor’


August 27, 2008

Live blogging Hillary

At Chez VodkaPundit, where Stephen wagers that Hillary will repeat her Emily’s List performance by failing to mention Barack Obama during her speech. I’m doubtful she’d diss the Messiah at the Pepsi Center.

UPDATE: Introduced by the Good Clinton, Chelsea.

Orange suit — a bold choice.

Vodka says she looks like “a traffic cone.”

“A proud supporter of Barack Obama” — I should have taken Stephen’s bet.

“You … you … you” — it’s all about affirming the listener’s sense that they are important.

Her peroration included the phrase “faith in God” — she is a Republican!

All in all, a good speech, and a reminder to Democrats they could have had a V-8. I think they may yet regret not nominating her.

UPDATE II: Stephen’s full-blown liveblog is at PJM. Stephen says:

McCain mentions: One. Bush mentions: Many. The Dems are STILL running against Bush. Do they think he’s going to be around another four years if they don’t?

This is very much like what the Democrats did in 1988, when Dukakis essentially ran against Reagan — and got his butt kicked. The problem for Republicans is that the economy now is more like 1992. But still, Bush in 2000 did not campaign against Clinton.