Democrats think you’re stupid

Nancy Pelosi: “Hey, let’s do a fake energy bill that won’t actually result in new energy production”:

While lifting a 25-year federal ban on most offshore oil and natural gas drilling, the legislation would block Virginia and other coastal states from sharing in a $2.6 trillion bonanza of tax revenue expected to flow from offshore fields. . . .
Unless states stand to profit from offshore development, they almost surely would exercise their right under the bill to block any drilling within 100 miles of their shores, critics of the House initiative charged.
“With no financial incentive, no state will choose to ‘opt in,’ ” House Republican leader John A. Boehner of Ohio told reporters, “and this bill will result in little or no new American energy production.”

This kind of underestimation of the electorate reminds me very much of the Rostenkowski-Wright Congress of 1993-94 — or the DeLay-Hastert Congress of 2005-06. Just engage in a lot of symbolic gestures and figure voters are too stupid to know they’re being played. Good luck with that, Democrats.

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