Video: Plouffe’s strategy update

The Hyping of Hope continues:

Politics as multi-tiered marketing. Success as a non-falsifiable theory. No matter what happens, every event is more evidence to justify the belief of the True Believer, because belief is necessary to … excuse me, what is the real objective here?

“We’re winning — send more money! McCain is attacking — send more money! We’ve registered X-number of new Democrats — send more money!”

Need I point out that David Plouffe is a professional political operative, and that fund-raising ability is a primary qualification in his chosen career field? See, whether Obama wins or loses, Plouffe will still walk away with the career credential of being a world-class fund-raiser.

You know, I was taught that a journalist was first and foremost a skeptic. Why is the political press corps nowadays packed full of credulous suckers?

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