FBI surveilling David Kernell?

A bit of mystery:

  • FBI Memphis office says it has been contacted by the FBI Anchorage office in regard to the Palin e-mail hacking investigation.
  • As of 3:37 P.M., according to Tennessee blogger Sharon Cobb — a friend of state Rep. Mike Kernell –neither he nor his son David had been contacted by law enforcement.

Hmmm. OK, so what is the FBI up to? What was the request from Anchorage? What is SOP for the FBI?

An educated guess: Establish the location of the person of interest, begin surveillance, make sure that he doesn’t go to the airport and board a plane for Rio de Janeiro. Also, watch to see if he drives to a dumpster and ditches any computer-sized packages.

The computer forensics folks at FBI HQ are the lead investigators in this case. The conclusive evidence is stored in online databases, not in Knoxville or Memphis. Until HQ has found the basis of a search warrant or an arrest, there’s not really any reason for FBI agents to question the Kernells.

If I were David Kernell, however, I don’t think I’d be discussing this situation on the telephone, if you get my drift. And I’d keep my eyes peeled for late-model sedans driven by vaguely official-looking people.

UPDATE 9/21: FBI serves search warrant?

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