On O’Reillyism

Allah’s got audio of Mark Levin ripping Bill O’Reilly a new one. Levin notes O’Reilly’s sneering references to “ideologues” and to Rush Limbaugh’s cigars and private jet. Here’s the clip via Breitbart:

Levin characterizes O’Reilly’s arguments for the bailout — like O’Reilly’s previous bashing of “Big Oil” — as “populism.,” which is rather unfair to populists. As much as I hate to bring religion into this, I think O’Reilly is another of those Catholics who can’t get over Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno.

A distrust of raw capitalism runs deep in Catholic social teaching, and it is not unusual to meet Catholics who are profoundly conservative on issues like abortion and homosexuality but who, when the discussion turns to economics, are staunch defenders of statist interventionism.

The only cure for this ailment is large doses of Mises, Hayek, and Sowell. Christian socialism is still socialism, and government is not a charitable endeavor.

UPDATED: Via Liberal Conspiracy, here is O’Reilly ranting about “right-wing liars”:

Sounds like O’Reilly doing a bad Michael Savage imitation.

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