Obama’s buying the election

When McCain pulled out of Michigan, I said the election was over. Why did McCain pull out of Michigan? Money talks:

A check of advertising data at television stations shows Obama spent $5.5 million airing ads during the five weeks after Labor Day in Michigan.
McCain spent $3.7 million for ads running during the same period.

In one month, Obama outspent McCain by $1.8 million in Michigan, running ads like this and this. And the same pattern is now being repeated all over the country:

Barack Obama spent $3.3 million on TV ads on Monday alone — a remarkable one-day expenditure that more than doubled rival John McCain’s spending that day, according to the ad tracking firm, Campaign Media Analysis Group. . . .
On Monday, the McCain campaign, combined with the Republican National Committee, spent less than half of what Obama did: about $1.5 million, according to CMAG data.

Here are what the two campaigns spent on TV ads in some key battleground states during the week Sept. 28-Oct. 4:


  • Obama — $2.2 million
  • McCain — $1.6 million


  • Obama — $2.2 million
  • McCain — $1.7 million


  • Obama — $2.2 million
  • McCain — $659,000


  • Obama — $2.1 million
  • McCain — $547,000


  • Obama — $980,000
  • McCain — $801,000


  • Obama — $616,000
  • McCain — $329,000


  • Obama — $492,000
  • McCain — $193,000

In state after state, the Obama campaign is simply burying McCain in terms of TV advertising. Combining the three key swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, Obama outspent McCain by 65% ($6.6 million to $4 million).

Every conservative blogger is complaining about media bias, but nobody seems to acknowledge the reality that McCain, the guy who pushed campaign finance reform to “get the big money out of politics,” is being buried by an avalanche of big money. (Thanks, of course, to zillions of small donors like Jgtj Jfggjjfgj.)

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