Questions for Obama

Pete Parisi of The Washington Times notes that Barack Obama is protected by “a defensive cordon provided by a news media so unabashedly in the tank for Mr. Obama that they need scuba gear.” And since they’re not asking questions, Pete does. For example:

You and your vice-presidential running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, have vowed repeatedly to “end” the war in Iraq. Why is the verb always “end” and never “win”? . . .
In your acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, you said we should be our “brother’s keeper.” Yet, what have you done in that regard to help your own half-brother, George Hussein Obama, who lives in a hut in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, on $1 a month?

Read the whole thing — it’s very good.

UPDATED: Jammie Wearing Fool:

We’ve gone through virtually two years of this guy campaigning, countless Democrat debates, three presidential debates and yet somehow Barack Obama has not been properly vetted and asked basic questions

JWF observes that reporters are functioning as de facto press secretaries for Obama, performing fellatiostenography rather than journalism.

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