Anne Hathaway, just because

Look, the election’s over and traffic for political blogging . . . eh, it’s not so hot right now. So if readers aren’t hitting the tip jar, buying books or buying T-shirts, a capitalist blogger has to do something, right? And if Hollywood starlet Anne Hathaway wants to display about 30% of her right breast, who am I to obstruct her First Amendment right to free expression? That would be un-American. If I don’t post pictures of Anne Hathaway’s boobs, the terrorists win. Which also justifies this photo of Anne in a see-through dress:

And, because I Support The Troops, here’s another sexy see-through pic of Anne, who’s the subject of Oscar buzz for Rachel Getting Married:

Also (audio cue: Lee Greenwood, “God Bless the USA”) there’s this nice cleavage shot:

Now, I suppose that I could offer some sort of flimsy excuse about this post being a statement of Jessica Valenti-style “sex-positive feminism,” but it’s not. No, it’s a reminder that you should hit the tip jar, buy a T-shirt, or buy a book. Because I’m a capitalist blogger. The government’s not going to give me a bailout just because the traffic’s down this month. And if you don’t do something to put some cash in my grubby hands, I might be forced to keep posting more pictures of beautiful Princess Diaries star Anne Hathaway in her underwear. Like this one:

And you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? Besides, pretty soon, the Obama administration will re-institute the Fairness Doctrine, and only members of the “progressive netroots community” will be allowed to blog about Anne’s sweet rack. So hit the tip jar and strike a blow for freedom! Otherwise, I’ll question your patriotism.

UPDATE: Dr. Melissa disses our darling. It’s the blonde/brunette thing again. My brunette wife hates her some blondes (and don’t even mention redheads). More generally: What’s up with chicks refusing to admit the hotness of other chicks? I mean, there are some male stars whose supposedly irresistible appeal to the fair sex has always eluded me (Tom Cruise? The dude’s practically a midget! What part of “diminuitive” don’t you understand?) but in general, you’ll never hear guys say, “That Brad Pitt is so overrated.” We just don’t care. They’re freaking movie stars, OK? It’s not like Brad Pitt’s going to swoop into town and run off with our womenfolk or anything.

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