Prison sucks, says Anne Hathaway’s ex

Greasy swindler comes over here, shags our starlets, scams investors out of millions, then has the audacity to complain about our prisons:

Convicted Italian con man Raffaello Follieri is finding out that life behind bars is nothing like his old $37,500-a-month apartment in Trump Tower.
The food looks spoiled, the showers are filthy with excrement and the place smells really bad, a lawyer whines on his behalf in a letter to the sentencing judge.
And instead of snuggling up at night next to a Hollywood starlet, like ex-girlfriend Anne Hathaway, Follieri now bunks in a windowless dorm room with 120 other inmates, he complains. . . .
Clearly, no one should be subjected to these conditions. However, in Mr. Follieri’s case, the unsanitary environment appears to have had a detrimental effect on his health,” his lawyer Flora Edwards wrote to the judge.

No one should be subjected to these conditions”? Oh, I think Raffaello Scumbaggio should. And, by the way, Anne Hathaway is still hot, no matter what Dr. Melissa tries to tell you.

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