Airdrop him on Jalalabad

George Freaking Will is back for more:

In America, socialism is un-American. Instead, Americans merely do rent-seeking — bending government for the benefit of private factions. The difference is in degree, including the degree of candor. The rehabilitation of conservatism cannot begin until conservatives are candid about their complicity in what government has become.

Prompting Jeff Goldstein to reply:

Presumably, Will is talking about those non-candid conservatives who cheered the credit bailout, the prescription drug entitlement, the farm subsidy, the auto bailouts, the airline bailouts, or the sops to steel producers and tariffs on Canadian lumber.

For more than 20 years, Will has been one of the most prominent spokesmen for conservatism, and yet supposedly all the problems of conservatism are the fault of some other conservatives somewhere.

Have they loaded him in that C-130 yet?

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