Breitbart on double standards

The case of the cardboard-cutout Clinton:

If the photo had exposed a Republican offender, there’d already be a full-bore media scandal and cascading resignations. MSNBC would be rearranging its schedules for a wall-to-wall 24/7 bonanza. Rachel Maddow would finally have her big story. Barbara Boxer, Patricia Schroeder and other righteous feminists would walk up the Capitol steps, reprising the time they tried to destroy Clarence Thomas – for nothing.
Yet so far there is no groundswell of feminist rage in the District of Columbia. The unnamed co-conspirator thrusting the beer bottle into the mouth of the designated secretary of state isn’t yet a household slur.
Instead, with the accused being a member of the protected Democratic class, we only have a quick peripheral debate. The mainstream media headlines soften the story’s implications: “Obama speechwriter Favreau learns the perils of Facebook” (CNN).

The double standard is truly obnoxious, but I’m not really offended by the photo — and I don’t think Hillary was, either. I think she was actually flattered by the attention. As a matter of fact, that photo probably depicts Hillary’s fantasy of a wild weekend: “Grab me! Grope me! Make me drink Heineken!”

Oh, wait . . . that’s my fantasy weekend. Never mind.

UPDATE: Linked by VodkaPundit. Thanks.

UPDATE II: Moe Lane: “Besides, that cardboard cutout was totally asking for it.” Cardboard cutout consent.

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