‘Why are only skinny white women with fake boobs naked?’

So asks a feminist at Feministing in regard to this Danish TV commercial, which is extremely NSFW:

Link: Fleg Master Tlpizza

The ad is for a Siemens washing machine that costs 4,999.00 DKK (or about $900), according to TechCrunch, which calls it “the best commercial ever made.” Via Eratosthenes, who seems to share my joyous contempt for feminism. Anything that annoys feminists is a good thing, although in point of fact, I share the quoted feminista‘s dislike for fake boobs. To my taste, natural A-cups are better than fake C-cups.

Oh, also notice that the annoyed feminist commenter seems to find something vaguely wrong in the fact that this Danish commercial features only white women. Hello? It’s Denmark — 91 percent of the population are native Danes. Actually, however, a careful viewing of the video reveals that there is at least one Asian model (at the right of the screen at the :05 mark). The largest immigrant group in Denmark is Turks and the model at the right of the screen at the :15 mark could definitely be Turkish. Nor do all of the women have fake boobs. A careful viewing, I said . . .

UPDATE: Linked at Conservative Grapevine.

UPDATE II: Matthew Archbold:

Walking by Abercrombie or Victoria’s Secret is essentially a walking tour of porn for children. . . .
They see it. They internalize it. They think that window display represents the realm of adulthood. They intuit that adults desire 8-pack abs and 38 D breasts. And kids want to be adults.

Via Free Republic. Believe it or not, I’m actually a social conservative, it’s just that I’m not a prude — the two things are not synonymous — and understand that kids don’t need to log onto political blogs to find naked women on the Internet. As for adult readers, I think your morals are unlikely to be corrupted by that silly Danish commercial. I’m far more bothered by all these TV ads for Cialis, Viagra and contraceptives. You can’t watch a football game with your kids nowadays without being subjected to warnings about four-hour erections.

UPDATE III: Ace says, “There is, of course, a political angle here of great import.” Exactly. And not just because the Conservative Blogger of the Year said so, but because Jessica Valenti can never be mocked too much.

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