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January 3, 2009

Stop fighting the inevitable

Wednesday, I said that if Republicans are looking for a candidate who can generate online enthusiasm, that candidate’s name is Sarah Palin. And now comes the news that oddsmakers make Palin the favorite for the 2012 nomination.

Palin-haters will be apoplectic at this news, and Allahpundit writes:

Barring a catastrophic first term, The One will be heavily favored for reelection, leading young’uns like Jindal and Palin to bow out and bide their time until 2016.

Does Allah really believe that Obama’s first term will not be catastrophic? I keep telling you guys: It won’t work. Obama’s proposals won’t fix the economy, and if there is one thing the American voter will not abide, it’s a long recession. Therefore, there is a real chance the GOP could take back the White House in 2012, and Palin is the most popular Republican candidate. Allah likes Romney and I like Romney, too, but Romney has never generated the kind of grassroots enthusiasm that Palin ignited.