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January 5, 2009

Sonny Corleone in Gaza

From my latest column at Pajamas Media:

By going into Gaza in Sonny Corleone fashion, Israel aims to ensure that the Hamas attacks — as cowardly as Carlo’s battering of Sonny’s sister Connie — are permanently ended.
Of course, Hamas being Hamas, they will never stop trying to kill Jews. Fans of The Godfather will recall that Carlo, being Carlo, chose a coward’s revenge by betraying Sonny to rival mobsters, so that at last Michael Corleone assigned Clemenza to deal decisively with Carlo.
If this analogy can be stretched a bit more, then, where does Glenn Greenwald fit? He’s Connie pleading frantically on behalf of her abusive husband: “It was my fault! … I started a fight with him. … Sonny, please don’t do anything. Please don’t do anything.” This is what the Blame Israel First crowd always says whenever Israel responds to repeated attacks by striking back against the terrorists. Always the demand is that Israel should make concessions, always condemnation is reserved for Israel’s defenders who are, Greenwald assures us, “guilty of insufficiently weighing the deaths of Palestinian innocents.”

Please read the whole thing. Video of the famous encounter between Sonny and Carlo:

January 5, 2009

Harry Reid, liar

“With the possible exception of the sentence, ‘I first met General David Petraeus in Iraq,’ everything that Reid says is contradicted by history.”

January 5, 2009

Heh, indeed

“They told me if I voted for McCain, I’d have a President who didn’t properly vet his nominees–and they were right!”

January 5, 2009

My guilty chromosome

Merely being male makes me complicit in the financial meltdown:

I can’t help noticing that all the perpetrators of the greatest economic mess in eight decades are, well, men. Specifically, they are rich, white, middle-aged guys, same as the ones who brought us Watergate in the 1970s, the Teapot Dome scandal in the 1920s and, presumably, the fall of Rome. . . .
Although the Y-chromosome is undeniably overrepresented along all tiers of finance, it is particularly overrepresented at the highest levels of power and in those sectors most deeply implicated in the current crisis. A Catalyst Research study last year found that women make up almost 60 percent of the workforce at Fortune 500 finance and insurance companies but account for only 17.9 percent of corporate officer positions and none of the chief executive positions. In the world of hedge funds, women are notable largely for their absence. . . .
Whatever the reason, the experience of the past year suggests that we desperately need to bring more women into leadership positions on Wall Street, in politics, in regulatory bodies and in American life generally.

Thus speaks Debora Spar who is (conveniently enough) not cursed with a Y chromosome. Interesting how that works out. Why do I suspect she’s gunning for a position in the Obama administration?

January 5, 2009

Gaza War news

Israeli blog Muqata offers ongoing coverage of the Gaza campaign. I’ve got a noon appointment at the National Press Club, so blogging will be light today.

January 5, 2009

Most Annoying Liberals of 2008

The competition was tough this year. Eliot Spitzer — who would be a contender for top of the list under normal circumstances — was only No. 15, according to Right Wing News.

January 5, 2009

Well, that explains everything

After several months of trying to figure out what Conor Friedersdorf’s problem was, now I see:

I graduated from college in 2002, when newspapers really were skeptical of blogs. By 2004, I was being paid by a Media News Group paper to blog full time. In 2006, I attended a top flight journalism school where professors forced students to blog, new media guru Jay Rosen constantly harped on the need for newspapers to innovate, and almost none of my peers, all people who sought journalism degrees, had any objection to blogging. (Emphasis added.)

Let that be a lesson to you young people: Whatever else you do, avoid journalism school. Unless you plan to be a first-round pro football draft pick like Joe Namath, or a future president of the United States, like Sarah Palin.

It would be impossible to compile a list of famous journalists who never attended journalism school, because it’s pretty much all of them. If you want to be a journalist, the first thing to do is get a job at a newspaper — sweeping the floor or driving a delivery route, if that’s all they’ve got — and go from there. My first newspaper job, I got paid $4.50 an hour and, yes, my duties included driving the delivery truck on Wednesdays.

As to blogging, why in God’s green earth would a blogger pay money to go to journalism school? Just open up a Blogspot account and get cracking. It ain’t rocket science. Hell’s bells, even lawyers can do it.

(H/T: Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Now that I think about it, welcome to the Robert Stacy McCain Blogging Academy. The curriculum:

Most people don’t have what it takes to survive AB301.

UPDATE II: In the comments, Conor informs us that he got free tuition to J-school. See what I mean? They have to give the stuff away.

UPDATE III: An “uncommonly naked expression of the Sarah Palin right” — see? It’s not like Conor hasn’t learned anything: naked+sarah+palin = mega-traffic! Not as good as naked+glenn+reynolds perhaps . . .

January 5, 2009

PGNJB Update

PGNJB = Please, God, Not Jeb Bush:

Former President George H.W. Bush said he wants more than a Senate seat for his son Jeb. He wants him in the White House.
Bush, appearing on Fox News Sunday, made the statement in response to questions about his son’s political future.
“I’d like to see him run [for Senate],” the elder Bush said. “I’d like to see him be president some day.” . . .
George H.W. Bush acknowledged that asking the country to elect a third “President Bush” might be asking for too much.
“I mean, right now is probably a bad time, because we’ve had enough Bushes in there,” he said.
But he added that his son would be “as qualified and able as anyone I know on the political scene.”

You were warned more than two months ago:

Conservatives who support Palin recognize her as a potential fresh start for the GOP, whereas devotees of the status quo are looking to continue the Bush dynasty. Republicans got stuck with John McCain as this year’s nominee not because there was an overwhelming landslide for McCain (who finished with just 47% of the GOP primary vote) but because conservatives failed to unite behind an Anybody But McCain candidate.
Mark my words, the 2012 primaries will come down to Jeb Bush vs. Please God Not Jeb Bush, and Palin is the obvious PGNJB candidate. If the field gets overcrowded with a bunch of wannabes — Huckabee, Romney, etc. — dividing up the PGNJB vote, then we’ll get Jeb Bush. We’ve already had two Bushes too many.
So, yeah, the GOP is screwed because somebody made the wrong running-mate choice, but it wasn’t made by John McCain in 2008. It was made by Ronald Reagan in 1980. Conservatives should rally around the slogan, “NO MORE BUSHES.”

Republicans now slagging Palin are paving the way for another Bush, whether they admit it or not.

UPDATE: K-Lo jumps aboard the Jeb bandwagon. We’re doomed.