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January 7, 2009

Beware: New Internet scam

There is a new scam online: People who claim to be Republicans putting up Web sites to solicit donations. Do not give these RINOs money! They only push liberal open-borders and bailout agendas (and lose elections to Democrats). Ace has the details of the scam that any Nigerian would be ashamed to attempt.

UPDATE: My friends, I’ve been linked at Cold Fury.

January 7, 2009

‘Don’t they have any firehoses?’

Little Miss Attila works two blocks from the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles and reports on the protests:

My boss tells me that our need to commute to the office trumps the protesters’ right to free speech, and claims to think that a totalitarian state would work out just fine, provided he was “part of the totality.”
We are looking down on the two groups of protesters from the 14th Floor of the Petersen Building; it is really the 13th Floor, but isn’t called that because of superstition and/or the presence of a couple of firearms in our gun safe.
“Why do they let them do that?” he keeps asking. “Don’t they have any firehoses?” And he almost means it.

LMA also has a nice post about Internet writing:

It’s not just a matter of bloggers having utter license in what subject matter they cover, though that, too: it’s also the fact that no one is bound by column length; no one is writing copy to fit into a certain amount of space, and no copy-fitting need be done. . . .
To write on the web is to write prose that is, like Abraham Lincoln’s legs, exactly the right length to reach the ground.

She’s obviously off her meds again. Her writing is so much more colorful when she’s off her meds. As long as you can avoid become an ax-murderer in an unmedicated state, that’s always better as a writer.

January 7, 2009

Joe goes to Gaza

Joe the Plumber will be a war correspondent for PJTV. Wow. (H/T: Michelle Malkin.)

January 7, 2009

Buckley & Reagan

Bill Buckley’s last book, The Reagan I Knew, gets reviewed by Hunter Baker at The American Spectator:

What one sees in the letters between the two great icons of 20th-century American conservatism is a conversation between equals. Buckley was not the Machiavellian manipulator liberals might have believed Reagan “the amiable dunce” needed. Instead, he was an ideological soulmate, a debate partner, and occasionally an opponent. These were two men working to the same end, but never shy to differ or to try to convince the other of their own position.

I’ve read the book, and it is absolutely charming. You will enjoy the inside jokes between Reagan and Buckley, who keeps promising to run away to Casablanca with Nancy, and refers to himself as Reagan’s ambassador to Kabul. You should definitely buy the book.

January 7, 2009

January Jones, dissed?

A reader e-mails:

You’ve been giving a lot of love to Christina Hendricks (which is QUITE understandable), but let’s not forget another good reason to watch Mad Men.

He then links to a Vanity Fair feature on co-star January Jones:

I don’t know. The thing with Christina Hendricks is that she’s such a rara avis. Skinny blondes are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but you just don’t see so many bombshell redheads. But I’m a free-market blogger, so if there is more demand for January Jones, I’ll try to provide the supply.

January 7, 2009

Jack Kemp diagnosed with cancer

Via Newsalert: Politico reports:

Former GOP vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp, 73, has been diagnosed with cancer. According to a statement from his consulting firm, Kemp Partners, doctors are still testing Kemp before determining a course of treatment.
“Mr. Kemp and his family are grateful for the thoughts and prayers of friends and appreciate respect for their privacy at this time,” read a statement from his spokeswoman Bona Park.

Kemp is one of the great free-market, supply-side champions of the Republican Party.

January 7, 2009

Video: Sarah with her hair down


(Via Hot Air.) This is the woman that the media wants you to believe is an unqualified moron who is hated by the majority of American voters. Do you believe that?

UPDATE: Welcome, Team Sarah members! You might want to read some of my American Spectator columns about Sarah Palin:

Meanwhile, Kevin Vance of the Weekly Standard has a report on the Left’s effort to discredit Team Sarah. I reported on this Saturday, and Victor Morton of The Washington Times has a report today.

BTW, Team Sarah will have a breakfast for pro-lifers Jan. 22 before the annual March for Life in Washington.

UPDATE II: Flopping Aces: They’re not worried, right?

January 7, 2009

Democrats agree to seat Burris?

A Democratic Party crisis averted?

Roland Burris, the man appointed to Barack Obama’s Senate seat by embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will be allowed to take the seat, according to the Associated Press. Spokespersons for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin are denying the report.
Burris showed up in Washington for yesterday’s Senate swearing-in session, but was turned down by Senate Democrats who had previously vowed not to seat anyone appointed by Blagojevich. The governor has been charged with effectively trying to sell the seat and hearings are being held in Illinois over impeaching him. Now, however, the Senate Democrats “plan to embrace Roland Burris for President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant seat,” the AP reports.

Some people haven’t gotten the memo, it seems. The Obama transition keeps “chugging down the tracks to Smoothville,” as MK Ham said.

UPDATE: “Clean and articulate.” Heh.

January 7, 2009

‘Oddly engrossing’

If your name is Hua Hsu, you’re allowed to describe Lothrop Stoddard’s 1920 book, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, as “oddly engrossing.” Otherwise, don’t even acknowledge that you’ve ever heard of anyone named Stoddard. Or Madison Grant, Wilmot Robertson, Pat Buchanan, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Sam Francis, Mark Steyn . . .

Perhaps I should change my name?

January 7, 2009

The immigration crisis you never hear about

Law-abiding people who want to play by the rules are put through the wringer, as in the case of an American who wanted to bring his pregnant Polish fiance to this country:

I met Justyna while studying abroad in London in 2005. She is Polish by birth but had been living, working, and attending school in the United Kingdom for over two years at the time. With only an easily obtained student visa, I enjoyed the same privileges, including England’s national health care system — a resource that proved especially useful when Justyna became pregnant in the spring of 2006.
We decided that I would return to America and finish my degree while she would go home to Poland to have the baby near her family. With the intention of bringing my wife to America after the birth of our child, I filed an I-129f Petition for Fiance(e) visa in October 2006. Thus began our protracted and degrading experience with the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS.

“Degrading” being the key word here. The necessary corollary to boundless tolerance of illegal immigration seems to be a process for legal immigrants that is humiliating and expensive. Ask any Canadian or Brit who’s tried it.

There is a passage in Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation where a foreign-born friend talks about the difficulty of bringing over his mother, and Brimelow advises: “Just get her a tourist visa and let her overstay.” It’s very practical advice. The enforcement mechanism is broken and, even if La Migra came for Mum, the appeals process can delay deportation almost infinitely. It’s easier to break the law than to obey it.

(Cross-posted at AmSpecBlog.)

UPDATE: Another way to avoid the immigration hassle? Tell them you’re gay! (H/T: Michelle Malkin.)

UPDATE II: Linked at Sundries Shack. Thanks.