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January 14, 2009

Honor among Republicans

It’s about time:

It’s a moment President Bush has repeatedly called a mistake: Delivering a speech on board the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Spring of 2003 with a “Mission Accomplished” banner featured prominently behind him.
But the much-maligned photo-op wasn’t the president’s fault at all, according to former White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett.
Bartlett, currently a political analyst with CBS, said Tuesday he was the one who actually gave the final go-ahead of the event.
“Quite frankly, yours truly was the guy who actually signed off,” he said Tuesday. “I regret it to this day, because it did send the wrong message.”

About time he ‘fessed up. But notice that he goes from botching up the Bush White House to being an MSM analyst. Nice work if you can get it.

January 14, 2009

The buggy-whip industry

Newspapers circling the toilet bowl:

Gannett is implementing a long-rumored furlough program that wil require most U.S. employees to take a week off without pay.
Gannett CEO Craig Dubow announced the plan in a memo today. . . .

Gannett is deeply implicated in the death of the American newspaper. The LGP (Local Gannett Paper) became a widespread joke in the 1990s, and the Gannettification of newspapers was widely imitated.

January 14, 2009

Trig Truther named ‘Best Blog’

Another Sign of the Apocalypse, as Andrew Sullivan (34%) tops Hot Air in the Best Blog competition.

Meanwhile, Small Dead Animals — a Canadian site which, quite frankly, I never heard of before — beats out Ace of Spades HQ for Best Conservative Blog by 56 votes. Demand a recount, Ace.
January 14, 2009

Internet troll meeting

H/T: Splice Today.

January 14, 2009

Good-bye, opposition

RE-BUMPED: Peggy Noonan was there and, as Rae said, Peggy must have been “as giddy as a schoolgirl.”

Speaking of schoolgirl giddiness, today Obama met with liberal commentators including Andrew Sullivan.

BUMPED: Rush was NOT at this dinner.

PREVIOUSLY: George Freaking Will plays host to Obama, with Bill Kristol and David Brooks and perhaps even Rush Limbaugh (!) on the VIP invitation list.

Betrayed! The stab in the back! The neocon cabal!

UPDATE: Apparently, Michelle Malkin’s invitation got lost in the mail.

UPDATE II: Charles Krauthammer sells out.

UPDATE III: They’ve won a medal!

January 14, 2009

The unknown truth

A book from the 1840s, Benjamin F. Morris’s The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, is back in print — well, for sale as a PDF e-book, anyway.

January 14, 2009

Pin a medal on the guy

I’d ignored the Bradley Schlozman blogstorm until somebody called my attention to this part:

Bradley Schlozman privately called liberal lawyers in the department ”commies” and ”pinkos” and told a subordinate that the Civil Rights Division shouldn’t be limited to hiring ”politburo members” who belong to some ”psychopathic left-wing organization designed to overthrow the government,” the department’s inspector general and Office of Professional Responsibility found.

Talking about the ACLU maybe? Truth to power, baby!

January 14, 2009

Soldier’s remains found at Antietam

Jules Crittenden has an in-depth post about a Union soldier from a New York regiment whose remains were recently found at Antietam Battlefield in the famous Cornfield.

The battlefield is about 20 minutes from my house. Last March, Jeff Quinton and I toured the battlefield together.

January 14, 2009

MoDo on GeithnerGate

She’s got a point:

How does a guy on the fast track to be Treasury secretary fail to pay $34,000 worth of federal taxes ($43,200, including interest), or forget to check on the immigration status of a house cleaner — the same sort of upstairs-downstairs slip-up that has tripped up other top-drawer prospects on their way to top jobs here? Americans expect the man who’s in charge of the I.R.S. to pay his own taxes.

It’s important to quote MoDo when she’s actually right about something. It might encourage her to be right more often.

January 14, 2009

‘Emergency’ inauguration?

I’m debating whether to go down to cover the inauguration, and this ain’t helping:

Barack Obama’s inauguration is set to cost more than £100m [$145 million] making it the most expensive swearing-in ceremony in US history.
The President-elect will take less than a minute to recite the oath of office in front of an estimated two million people in the US capital next week.
But by the time the final dance has been held at one of the many inaugural balls the costs for the day will be a staggering £110m.

D.C. has been in Total Security Freakout mode since 9/11. Next Tuesday, it will be in DefCon 1 Armaggedon mode. The massive crowds don’t bother me nearly so much as the jackbooted storm-trooper style of security. That stuff just gives me the heeby-jeebies.

UPDATE: ObamaMania!

UPDATE II: “Parade of fools”

UPDATE III: Osama vs. Obama

UPDATE IV: Jules Crittenden “hurl-blogging”