Democrat’s gay teen sex scandal

Excuse the British tabloid headline, but the Oregonian can’t bring itself to mention the party affiliation of Portland Mayor Sam Adams:

In his first face-off with reporters, Portland Mayor Sam Adams apologized for “a sexual relationship” he had with Beau Breedlove and for lying about it during his campaign for office.
“I made a mistake,” Adams said, adding that he has no plan to resign. “This was clearly an error. I clearly messed this one up. But it’s an anomaly over the two decades I’ve served Portland.” . . .
Adams met Beau Breedlove in April 2005. Breedlove, then 17, was an intern at the Oregon Legislature for Rep. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer. Adams, 42 and a city of Portland commissioner, was in Salem on a lobbying trip. They struck up a conversation, and Breedlove called Adams soon after, hoping for both professional and personal advice on coming out of the closet in the political world.

So, the lover boy was a mere lad of 17 and an intern when he first met Mayor NAMBLA, who now tries the Gus Grissom defense: “It was a glitch! A technological malfunction!” Not trying to get all judgmental here but:

  • If the mayor was a Republican, this story would be top-of-the-hour news on CNN and MSNBC, and the liberal blogosphere would be pounding it like Gene Krupa in “Sing, Sing, Sing.”
  • “Beau Breedlove” — that’s the kind of name that any second-rate novelist would be embarrassed to give a gay character. It’s like “Pussy Galore” or something.

Which is to say, the intrinsic news value of the story — as per the usual standards of the industry — would seem to merit more coverage than it’s actually getting.

UPDATE: Cold Fury: “Anybody remember the OUTRAGE! over Mark Foley?

UPDATE II: Fox News:

“I lied at the time because I was afraid that people would believe untrue rumors being circulated by an undeclared mayoral opponent that I had broken a law involving sexual relations with a minor. But this is not a good excuse,” Adams said in his statement.

Right. Mayor NAMBLA had the legal savvy to wait a few weeks until Beau Breedlove turned 18 before pouncing like Michael Moore on a bacon double cheeseburger. And not even Fox News mentions that the twink-hopping mayor is a Democrat.

UPDATE III: Liberal blogger Pam Spaulding:

[O]bviously the young man, Beau Breedlove was of age, though clearly adding homosexuality and stereotyping into the mix and expect a scandal.

C’mon, Pam: Foley was guilty of nothing more than sending creepy e-mails, but resigned automatically and his scandal was treated by Democrats as the major campaign issue of 2006. Yet here you have a Democrat whose entire campaign theme was “first openly gay mayor,” who meets a 17-year-old in April 2005, begins an affair three months later — when the mayor-to-be was 42 and the boy had apparently just turned 18 — and the best you can do is to offer a lame complaint about “stereotyping”?

Clayton Cramer: “Where Do These Nasty Stereotypes Come From?” Yeah. Good thing it was a Democratic mayor. If Adams was a Catholic priest, they’d do a week’s worth of “Nightline” about it. Not to mention “The View,” “Oprah” and “Larry King Live.”

UPDATE IV: UN human rights official in kiddie porn bust.

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