Dick Cavett’s tears of Hope

Move over, George Stephanopoulos, make room for another choked-up media liberal:

I had neither planned nor expected to cry.
I was amazed at how many times, watching the all-day spectacle, I lost it. . . .
“Historic” and “historic moment” and “historic day” were repeated mercilessly, but remained true. Only a zombie could fail to feel the truth of it.

While I don’t claim to speak for all zombies, I’m reminded of Matthew Archbold’s comment on Stephanopoulos: “[W]e’re supposed to believe that he’s objective. I’m not sure I can get there unless he cried when Clarence Thomas was sworn onto the Supreme Court.”

Hey, BTW, Dick, does it bother you that Pinch Sulzberger is rumored to be schtupping Caroline Kennedy?

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