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February 4, 2009

Only 135 votes vs. S-CHIP

Wow, that’s discouraging. It’s “health care expansion funded with a massive tax hike on smokers,” says Michelle Malkin, who seems to have temporarily forgotten basic economics. It won’t be just smokers, because it can’t be. 

Supply and demand: Higher taxes will reduce smoking, so that total federal tobacco tax revenue will fail to meet the “fixed-pie” calculus of the Central Economic Planners, who will in turn act to fund the plan through general revenue. Meanwhile, costs will far exceed projections because of massive over-utilization. (The free-beer principle: If it’s an open bar, your estimate of the amount needed to supply a party of X number of people will almost always be too low, and you’ll end up making a beer run before midnight.)
You — yes, you, the wheat-germ and alfalfa-sprouts organic tofu gobblers — will eventually be taxed to pay for this boondoggle.
In three words: It Won’t Work.
UPDATE: New Obama slogan: Smoke up! It’s for the children!
February 4, 2009

Video: Palin for mayor, 1996

Via Conservatives4Palin:

Looking at that video, I submit that anyone who voted against “a more conservative and efficient government” should have been clubbed like a baby harp seal.

UPDATE: BTW, note the rapid growth in C4P’s traffic: After 24 days, they’re already knocking down 1.7K visits per day average. Smart fellows, and lots of real news on that site.
February 4, 2009

‘Self-referential hipness’

Too terse to be truly gonzo, I think, but Fear and Loathing in Georgetown had this on the Culture11 shutdown:

I hope for two things:
1) The writers at Culture11 all find new employment, especially Poulos.
2) That they recognize the failure was a result, not of the sagging economy, but allowing their self-referential hipness to get out of control. It went to your heads like a nerd who becomes a popstar overnight.

Which sums up something important, I think. Competitive Enterprise Institute is having an open house tonight at their new HQ. Why am I mentioning this? Expect updates . . .

UPDATE: The reason I was mentioning the CEI open house was because it was a news opportunity. How many journalists showed up at the open house? Lots. How many were shrewd enough to see it as a news opportunity? Only one.

Granted, that’s just a sort of society-news tidbit — the stuff that shows up in community newspaper features called “Scene & Heard” or some such. But somebody‘s got to do that sort of stuff, and the haughty arrogance of those who think such minor-league reporting to be beneath them has always disturbed me. The lean-and-mean journalism operations of the future will require more versatile generalists, and fewer narrow specialists.

February 4, 2009


Dan Riehl accuses Jon Henke of “silly, if not sad defeatism.” I’m thinking that maybe Henke, who worked for Mitch McConnell in 2007 trying to get the Senate Republicans hooked into the ‘sphere, is “defeatist” because . . . well, he got a good, close look at Senate Republicans, which is never an encouraging thing for conservatives.

I agree with Dan that a GOP comeback in 2010 is a real possibility, especially in the House, where the Obama Age seems to have inspired the Republican caucus to grow a pair. Smart money Republican donors should be giving to House candidates (and Club for Growth) and let the senile Senators fend for themselves.

February 4, 2009

Socialism on trial

“The 2008 campaign was never an honest choice between conservatism and liberalism. Really, it was just a referendum on George Bush . . . What Republicans want to do and need to do is put socialism on trial. Socialism has been a conservative talking point since the late 1880s. . . . As a populist anti-Washington party, we’ve always done best.”
Craig Shirley, Reagan biographer

Sounds a lot like my idea of “Libertarian Populism.”

February 4, 2009

Silence of the Vagina Warriors

Darline Click noticed that the fembloggers — who “have no problem with nasty mockery of Michelle Duggar” — were suspiciously silent about the bizarre case of the woman who got in-vitro fertilization in order to give birth to octuplets, bringing her total to 14.

Then, one of them piped up with some weirdness about “the issue is childbearing by low-income women of color” — telling me something I didn’t know, and offering to take me places I’m not sure I want to go. Ace of Spades on Saturday:

Incidentally, I notice that Feministing hasn’t commented on this at all, and I went back through five dreary pages of posts. Their usual joke — “It’s a vagina, not a clown car” — is MIA. They tend to do this: There is no male villain in the story they can yell at about this, so it’s not a story as far as they’re concerned. If she’d had a husband, they would have posted about this twenty five times by now.

Well, finally, Little Ms. Presidential Push-Up Bra speaks:

On the whole, I want to caution people against assuming that this case has anything to do with the experiences of most women. . . . [H]er case is not especially good evidence that the law or doctors have a right to start pushing women around and making our reproductive decisions for us. The far more common cases are those when control is yanked away from the woman in question because her judgment is sound, but the control freak doctor or politician is on a sexist or racist high horse.

Ah, all those sexist/racist control-freak doctor/politicians with nothing to do all day but push women around! You see, this is just it: The news qua news is not of interest to Amanda. It’s all about the Fierce Fury of Her Vagina, terrorizing those phallocentric oppressors, so as to elicit cheers from the sisterhood for her Intelligence and Courage, because taking on the powerful National Association of Racist/Sexist Doctor/Politicians is not a job for the faint of heart.

Ace is dead on target: In the absence of a husband who can be blamed for the octomom’s oppression — for a mother of 14 is certainly a victim in the eyes of the Sisterhood of the Sacred Abortion — then the doctor must be blamed, or some unrelated rant about . . . something. There is exactly one narrative Amanda Marcotte is interested in, and because the octomom story doesn’t confirm that narrative (indeed, it may be dispositive) then it is ignored as long as possible. When it cannot be ignored, throw some pretzel logic and fulminations about “choice” at it, then move on.

The odd thing is that there is any readership at all for such stuff.

UPDATE: From Aaron S. in our graphic department, behold . . . The Battling Beavers of Planned Parenthood:

UPDATE: Linked at Conservative Grapevine.

February 4, 2009

Hmmm, who’s ‘qualified’?

Go down the list of Obama’s disastrous nominations, and ask yourself why the media spent nine weeks screaming that Sarah Palin wasn’t qualified for high office.

Michelle Malkin smacks David Brooks, but good. I double-dog dare him to show his face at CPAC.

February 4, 2009

Dead hillbillies. Who cares?

Not the media, not even Fox News:

[N]o news anchors from any of the Big 3 or any cable news channel including Fox News; No Sheperd Smith or Greta or any satellite trucks to document the devastation.

Something about the bitter gun-clingers makes their suffering less newsworthy. If a Republican’s in the White House, and Democrats are dying in New Orleans, that’s news. If Obama’s in the White House, and people are dying in Kentucky, well . . . 65% voted for Clinton in the Democratic primary, and 58% voted for that stupid Republican loser in November. Obviously, every network TV producer in New York figures, “So what? People like that don’t deserve to live anyway.” I mean, it’s not like it’s a missing blonde girl in Aruba or some important news like that . . .

February 4, 2009

Michael Dubriel, R.I.P.

Catholic blogger died yesterday in Alabama after collapsing at the gym, leaving behind two young sons and a widow, blogger Amy Welborn.

Instapundit, Rod Dreher and K-Lo blog about it, but . . . My God, I’m 49 and have been smoking since I was 14. Dubriel turned 50 in November, and died at the gym.

February 4, 2009

My Samoan attorney . . .

. . . may be coming to CPAC. It’s a question of whether he’s driving up in the Red Shark, or just hopping a plane. Also, if he flies, does he come via Dulles — closer to my house — or does he fly into Reagan, in the heart of downtown?

Either way, I told him to rent a two-room suite at the Omni Shoreham and try to make friends with Jesse the hotel security man. We’ll need the suite to interview all the hot Republican women high-ranking dignitaries who show up at the invitation-only VIP reception. And since high-ranking dignitaries at CPAC are inevitably accompanied by swarms of unruly “citizen journalists” trying to mooch the free booze score an exclusive “scoop,” Jesse must be warned that important investigative journalism can sometimes be rather noisy.

But don’t worry, we’re all trained professionals. And as my attorney must explain to Jesse, this kind of work is protected by the First Amendment, and I’m sure that $50 and a quart of single malt devotion to Constitutional principles will persuade Jesse that his duty is to make sure that our sordid bacchanalia deadline-sensitive reporting is not interrupted.

Also: Since it is entirely possible that some dignitaries from Alaska may show up, Jesse must told to keep a keen eye out for dangerous stalkers like Kathleen Parker and David Brooks. If those deranged weirdos are seen anywhere near the Omni Shoreham, they should be tazed immediately, and without mercy.

Not too many Samoans in the Federalist Society, but my man’s one of the best.