You thought you’d heard the last word on the Culture11 Hindenburg?

Richard Spencer of Taki’s Magazine lays the knife deep in the bones of the decaying carcass:

In the end, Culture 11 wasn’t just focused on all the boring non-culture I associated with the late-90s, but had itself become a kind of dot-com company, replete with ill-informed funders, an ill-defined product, massive capital expenditures, and a guru-like CEO who’s in fact naïve and buffoonish.

At last night’s CEI open house, I talked to a former Culture11 staffer or three, and one of them was keen to inform me that they had a gut feeling something was badly wrong with the project, but were in no position to fix it.

UPDATE: Scott Payne says farewell, and also does a roundup of reaction at The Moderate Voice. Anyone else who feels the need to throw a shovel-full of dirt on the casket, e-mail me the link. I wouldn’t want to miss anything.

UPDATE II: Flame war in the comment field? I’ve done a series of columns for TakiMag, but nobody’s asked me to write about 9/11 Trutherism, and . . . well, I write for money.

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