The mystery stimulus

The Senate has apparently reached agreement on . . . something:

Senate Democrats emerged Friday night from days of negotiations to declare that they had reached a deal with at least three moderate Republicans and now have the votes to approve their own version of a huge stimulus package that President Obama says is critical to strengthening the nation’s flagging economy.
The agreement on what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called “the Obama plan” promised to deliver the new president his most important legislative victory so far. . . .
Those involved in negotiations said the deal on what they billed as a $780 billion package – approximately $40 billion less than the House approved and nearly $160 billion less than an earlier Senate draft – came about after a working group of centrists agreed to reduce both spending programs favored by Democrats and tax cuts pushed by Republicans.
The final Senate bill probably will be around $800 billion, members of both parties said.

Exactly what is in this bill, we don’t know, and apparently they’re going to vote on it this weekend without bothering to tell us. (More from CNN.) Michelle Malkin says, “Show us the bill!”

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