Sixteen-year-old sex change

Tim Petras began hormone treatment at age 12 and recently became Kim Petras, the world’s youngest post-operative transsexual:

The op — carried out in secret last month — was authorised after psychologists confirmed that Kim was “without doubt a girl in a boy’s body.”

(H/T: Right View from the Left Coast.) The appropriate pronoun? Oh, never mind. And what’s a sex story without a media-approved “expert”?

Dr Bernd Meyenburg, who treats patients with identity disorders at the University of Frankfurt Hospital, said . . . “I was always against such operations on children so young but after seeing how happy one of my patients was and how well adjusted after returning from having the operation abroad while still a teenager – I realised that in some cases it is the right decision.”

Thank you, Dr. Mengele! And I’m sure Steven Kotler is happy that “Tim/Kim” won’t be contributing to overpopulation. Teen pregnancy? Not a problem. (Everybody go neuter yourselves in the name of ecology.)

Kim reportedly signed a record deal, and here is a video of the song “Last Forever”:

Here is video of Kim answering blog questions:

Who can wait until Disney announces “The Kim Petras Show”? A role model for your children! Next: “Oprah”! “The View”! “Larry King Live”! . . . “Cabaret”? (Isn’t there something kind of Weimar going on here?)


10. Won the lead role when the kindergarten staged its version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

(Commenters can finish the list.)

UPDATE: Linked at AOSHQ headlines.

UPDATE Ii: Kim may not be the youngest for long. “Experts” have approved sex-change treatment for preteens.

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