More intellectual warfare

“The Left has won the culture war, and, at least in the near-term, its victory is irreversible. In social relations, the right to choose trumps all other considerations: to fornicate, marry, breed, abort, divorce, and abandon. That a single mother with six kids should opt for another eight because she feels like it captures the distilled essence of the cultural moment that we have entered. Somehow ritual expressions of support for ‘family values’ don’t quite provide an adequate response.”
Andrew Bacevich

“From Joseph de Maistre to T.S. Eliot and beyond, right-wing cultural critics since the French Revolution have made the case for authority, along with what it ultimately requires — namely, the suicide of the critical intellect.”
Damon Linker

“Linker’s response says more about his inability to make arguments without resorting to theocratic or authoritarian bogeymen than it does about Bacevich’s essay.”
James Antle

James is onto something. The hysterical reactions of those who claim to see theocracy lurking around every corner can only be understood as the expression of inner psychodrama. What is it they really fear? What kind of emotional weakness manifests itself in these phobic fantasies of religious authoritarianism?

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