Best Conservative Movies?

National Review has a list. I like James Bowman’s pick, Blast From the Past, which comes in only at No. 9 on the NR list but I’d rank it above Groundhog Day (Jonah Goldberg’s pick at No. 6) and Metropolitan (No. 3 by Mark Henrie).

Blast From the Past is a personal favorite because (a) Brendan Fraser’s character is home-schooled, and (b) Christopher Walken as the father hates commies the way commies should be hated. As for Metropolitan, I dig Whit Stillman but prefer The Last Days of Disco.

A couple of films I’d add to the list: The original Terminator — a powerful pro-life message, since the whole point is that John Connor must be born — and Fatal Attraction, which has got to be the best argument against adultery ever filmed.

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