New look: How you like?

BUMPED; UPDATE: OK, after looking at it a while, something’s got to change. I think the problem is simple: The sidebars are the same width, and the center column needs to be wider. Also, it would help if the headlines and text in the main column were somewhat larger — maybe the main column text at 13 pts. and the sidebar text at 11? Or 14 and 12. Whatever.

So, if we change the right sidebar to make it 20px or 40px narrower; move all the elements that could use extra width to left sidebar; add the extra width to the main column; and find some way to futz around with the text fonts — to signal to the reader that the main column is, indeed, the main column — that should do the trick, yes?

Will consult with our VPIT, Eric Reasons, and try to figure out what we can do to improve the readability. I wish the folks at Blogger were paying attention and would try to create a 3-column ready-made template, so we hillbillies wouldn’t have to figure this stuff out on our own. Sorry for the temporary ugliness.

PREVIOUSLY: Miss Attila no like. Me primitive Unfrozen Caveman Blogger. Me like three column.

Want wider center column, like Ace? How?

Me not know.

Side columns make skinny? Stuff fit?

Me not know.

What happen page width go past 880 px?

Me not know.

Maybe blog eat sun. World end. Bad mojo.

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