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February 20, 2009

Hobo crime menace continues

Murderer, sexual predator, “victim of society”?

By age 15, he was living on his own. He began drinking. He dropped out of high school.
His early adulthood was characterized by a “sporadic employment history, transient lifestyle and accommodation patterns, substance abuse issues and failed short-term intimate relationships,” state the documents.
His first conviction resulted from a 1982 Edmonton break-in. During the next 16 years, he amassed more than two dozen other convictions across Canada . . .

And that was before the indecent exposure charge involving a nun . . . and it gets worse. Via notorious hobophobe, Kathy Shaidle.

February 20, 2009

"[P]eople get what they deserve as much as possible . . ."

. . . which fails to explain why David Brooks is pulling down $300K a year from Pinch Sulzberger, but his defense of the market economy is a welcome change of course from the erstwhile advocate of “National Greatness.”

February 20, 2009

News from Weimar America

Dan Riehl has a roundup of headlines pointing us down the road toward socialist tyranny, to be followed by anarchist chaos, to be followed by . . .

February 20, 2009

Iowahawk brings the funny


Bakouma died in December of malaria. He was 14 years old.
Bakouma was one of approximately one million people who died of malaria last year. Almost all of them were like him: poor, young, and African. And almost all of those deaths could have been prevented through vaccines, insecticide-treated netting, and (gasp) DDT spraying. Empirical research supports the indoor residual spraying (IRS) of DDT as not only safe, but the most economical and effective method for malaria prevention. . . Facing a mounting death toll across Africa the World Health Organization and USAID have recently lent support to IRS using DDT, but its adoption continues to be opposed by environmental extremists relying on shoddy science and fearmongering.

Environmentalism kills. Spread the word.

(H/T: Protein Wisdom.)

February 20, 2009


“Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say.”

Like you needed an expert to tell you that . . . and, I hasten to add, if you think we see them as objects when they’re wearing bikinis, imagine how we view them when they’re totally stark naked.

UPDATE: Donald Douglas includes a bikini-clad hottie in his analysis of this ground-breaking research (Rule 5). And, rather than merely reacting viscerally to the headline, he actually quotes the article:

New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.

OK, resisting the temptation to a homo faber pun, I’ll say this explains why I call my wife “The Hammer.”

UPDATE II: Jame Joyner gives no linky-love, but still he’s good people anyway.

UPDATE III: Noted expert Jules Crittenden:

Well, yeah. It’s a holdover from adolescence, when the sight of a girl in a bikini makes any guy want to handle his tool. Later on, the guy learns how to use dinner, movies, flowers, flattery, alcohol, that kind of stuff . . .

Jules, you forgot “sense of humor.” Chicks like a sense of humor, especially when it belongs to a millionaire Adonis driving a Porsche. Or a 73-year-old French billionaire. With a billion dollars, chicks will think you’re hilarious.

February 20, 2009

Glenn Greenwald: ‘No anti-Semite could possibly hate me worse than I hate myself’

Well, that’s the subconscious meaning of his latest column in his ongoing effort to win the Nobel Prize in literature with his wicked satire of a stereotypical self-hating Jew.

Now, I am friends with some of the writers Greenwald names as contributors to The American Conservative, a publication to which I have twice contributed myself. I understand well what a world of evil is involved in the business of denouncing as anti-Semites all critics of Israel, all critics of U.S.-Israeli relations and all critics of U.S. Middle East policy. The world is more complex than that.

David Frum has recently expressed regret that he and others paid insufficient heed to Iraq war skeptics, but he’s never apologized for his “Unpatriotic Conservatives” smear that impugned Bob Novak among others. Oh, that the Bush administration had included some of those “unpatriotic” voices, to counterbalance the “Cakewalk Ken” Adelmans!

Some would accuse Frum of having been biased on the issue of the Iraq war because he is Jewish and Saddam Hussein was hostile to Israel. Frum would naturally be expected to defend himself as having been concerned only with U.S. interests, and to argue that our alliance with Israel furthers U.S. interests. Many other Americans, Jew and Gentile alike, believe the same thing. The arguments for and against that position have been expounded at great length. That is not a debate I wish to revisit here and now.

What I do want to say is this: If Frum were pro-Israel purely because he himself is Jewish, such a sentiment would be entirely healthy, normal and defensible. I expect Sean Hannity to care more for Ireland than for Iceland, and I expect Barack Obama to care more for Kenya than for Cambodia. The Jew who is proudly Jewish, the Arab who is proudly Arab — these are men I admire and understand, even if I wish their ancient quarrels didn’t continually result in hatred, murder and wars that cause me to pay more for a gallon of gasoline.

By God, I remember when gas was 39 cents a gallon and I believe in my heart that if the descendants of Ishmael and the descendants of Isaac could live in peace, we would get back to 39 cents a gallon again. (Providing, of course, President Palin’s first executive order in 2013 is to round up the environmentalist nitwits and ship them to Gitmo, where they belong.)

On the other hand, if some of the more atavistic descendants of Ishmael continue vowing to kill every Jew they can get their hands on, then it behooves every Jew with any sense of honor to respond: War to the knife, and knife to the hilt.

When you’re a Jet, you’re Jet all the way. Certainly American Jews can disagree over the wisdom of Israeli policy, considering that the Israelis disagree amongst themselves. But to denounce Israel as guilty of “terrorism” for responding forcefully to repeated rocket and mortar attacks by those Hamas thugs in Gaza, to denounce Marty Peretz’s defense of Israel as “uniquely despicable” — this is what Greenwald has done, and in so doing has covered himself with dishonor.

The effect of Greenwald’s discourse is that Israel can undertake no meaningful action against her enemies without being condemned in similar terms. If it were within Greenwald’s power to enforce his policy preferences, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and every other half-baked cabal of terrorist crackpots would be able to kill Jews with impunity.

The terrorists have no intent or purpose — no political philosophy or policy aim — that cannot be summed up in two words: Kill Jews.

If Glenn Greenwald can’t see that, he’s blind. And if he sees it, but would deny Israel the right to fight back against genocidal hatred, he’s perverse.

But perhaps I’ve told you something you already knew.

UPDATE: Greenwald (who’s obviously got Google alerts for all his sockpuppet pseudonyms) accuses me of “trite little condemnations so predictable and over-used that one almost falls asleep reading them,” while mocking as “adolescent” Jeffrey Goldberg’s response:

[H]e knows that I’m not a revanchist Zionist, but falsely accuses me of being one anyway. What a putz.

Does that make me a “revanchist Zionist” or what? Swear to God, if they ever want a Gentile prime minister, my first order would be to deploy the IDF in a north-south line, facing east. My second order would be “forward march” and the order to halt would not be given until it was time for the troops to rinse their bayonets in the Jordan. After a brief rest halt, the order “about face” would be given, and the next halt would be at the Mediterranean coast.

That’s my “Middle East peace plan,” and until it’s carried out, there will be no peace.

UPDATE II: Excuse my extremism, but if you’re going to conquer the land, by God, conquer the land. This was kind of the point of my citing Sherman in response to Greenwald during the Gaza war. The South, really, should be grateful that men like Grant and Sherman finally determined to win the war. Otherwise, the headlines would still be all about the latest “incident” in Nashville or the “uprising” in Charleston, with the United Nations dithering about whether to impose sanctions and crap like that.

While I’m opposed to federal tyranny — and boreal supremacy — you cannot end hostilities fighting by half-measures. A hard war brings a more durable peace. Notice that the Comanches haven’t scalped any settlers lately?

UPDATE III: “Words fail.” — Andrew Sullivan.
UPDATE IV: Under Rule 2, I’m required to link Donald Douglas at American Power., who is the actual neocon chickenhawk Sully’s readers think I am. In fact, I’m just nucking futz, but if you ever hear the Knesset debating whether a Gentile could be prime minister . . . Dude, it’s only a hypothetical. Even Likud would never be that crazy.
UPDATE V: Noted Middle East policy scholar E.D. Kain finds me suffering from “both an inherent lack of understanding regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict, and an unhealthy degree of bloody, American-made machismo.” Look, E.D., no need to be so coy. If you want to see the notorious Speedo pic, just say so.

UPDATE VI: As someone pointed out in the comments, I did not win the Malkin Award, but was merely nominated. True. You’ve got to admit, though, The Peace Through Total Annihilation Plan sets the bar pretty high. So I’ve ordered my gown from Bob Mackie and am practicing my acceptance speech (“I’d like to thank the Academy . . .”) in anticipation of the star-studded gala.

Earned my own Memeorandum thread, “Links of the Day” honors at Kingdom of Idiots, “Quote du Jour” at Alas a Blog, and Moe Lane weighs in:

Remind them about their new pro-torture stance! That’s always good for extra spittle.

Moe’s blog-fu is impressive.

UPDATE VII: Welcome Instapundit readers! What Professor Reynolds may not realize is that if they let me be prime minister, he’ll be my defense minister. But first he’s got to get himself one of those cool Moshe Dayan eye patches. Because chicks dig that. (And if anybody wants to hit the tip jar, be my guest!)

February 20, 2009


Of this I’ve been accused by Dan Collins at Protein Wisdom. Actually, I suffer from a chronic case of bloggernoia, defined as the sneaking suspicion that other bloggers aren’t linking you on purpose.

That is to say, it’s not merely an oversight, or the fact that your blog sucks, or that blogospheric giants like Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin get 2,000 e-mails a day from pesky little blogwhores begging for linkage. Rather, the bloggernoiac fears that there is some malevolent intent behind the non-linkage. In the rampant stage of this incurable disorder, the bloggernoiac may fear that other bloggers are talking behind his back, conspiring to deprive him of his righteous share of traffic.

“Is Ace angry that I stole his shtick with that last hobo joke?” or “Did my defense of Ann Coulter offend Charles Johnson?” Or, in the really dark moments of despair: “Has my utter shamelessness become so disgusting that people are embarrassed to link me?”

Bloggers, believe it or not, are human beings and, as such, have been known to harbor grudges and seek retribution and — because they are scattered across a continent, sitting alone in front of their computers unbathed and unloved — such foibles aren’t exactly unknown among bloggers.

So when it seems like months since I’ve been linked by Pam Geller, can you blame me for being paranoid? I love Pam, she’s prominently linked on my page, we had a grand old time at CPAC last year. What’s up with the non-linkage?

Me not know. Me primitive Unfrozen Caveman Blogger. Me fear bad mojo.

Having been obnoxious since birth, whenever things go bad, I always figure it’s my fault. And I’m always right. Somewhere, there’s always someone sticking pins in a voodoo doll of me, or praying to Ba’al that I should be smitten with a plague of warts. Whatever I did to deserve such curses and vows of eternal enmity, there can be no doubt that I do indeed deserve them in the cosmic, kharmic scheme of things. I am wretched beyond words.

So when the traffic sags and nobody’s clicking the tip jar, I start wondering if today’s the day all that bad mojo’s finally going to come down on my head — car repossessed, electricity shut off, evicted from my home, abandoned by my family, living in a cardboard box under the bridge without even a decent WiFi connection to comfort me. But if I could just get one more Instalanche before that tow truck shows up to take my car . . .

UPDATE: Oh, no — they’ve discovered my secret!

UPDATE II: Dan Collins now accuses me of “stalwart naivete” for believing that bloggers are human. And he’s got a point — not all of them are. For example:

  • Dr. Helen is actually an advanced prototype fembot.
  • Although many say Ace of Spades resembles an Ewok, in reality he is a satyr.
  • Thomas J. Marier is a large douchebag.
  • Jonah Goldberg is only half-human. His mother is Vulcan.
  • Jeff Goldstein is a spectral image projected by the spirit of an ancient Ninja warrior.
  • “Rusty Shackleford” is, in fact, an Internet alias shared by a cell of rogue CIA operatives. The guy who showed up at the YAF 2007 West Coast Conference using the name “Rusty Shackleford” was merely one member of the cell. This national security secret was revealed in the scandal known as RoofieGate, when several College Republican girls claimed they had been drugged and molested by “Rusty.” The rogue CIA cell is believed to have killed the agent who compromised their security. Ironically, it wasn’t “Rusty” who molested the coeds. However, sources say, everyone with knowledge of the true identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators has been sworn to secrecy, in order to protect the Toronto-based Ruhypnol cartel that funds the rogue agents.

You see why I’m paranoid?

February 20, 2009

Dishonor and shamelessness

“This is what happens when there is no honor and there is no shame and there are no rules for engagement.”

February 20, 2009

Ace rates the babes of Beirut

Yeah, he also talks about the geopolitical/military situation, but anyone can do that:

Beirut isn’t just a loose city by Middle East standards; it’s a loose city by American standards. In fact, it’s a loose city by Vegas standards. Pretty much nothing is against the law and the sh*t that isn’t against the law isn’t terribly against the law.
So I guess I still don’t have a real answer to the question.
Oh, let me mention the women dressing sexily. I joked during the Feb 14 rally that the eighties didn’t die, they just came to Beirut and mutated.
There’s a curiously standard fashion among young girls and women here — very tight jeans and leather or suede boots coming up to the knee. Sometimes, in a flair I approve of, they roll up their jeans to reveal one or two inches of stockings or tights beneath, before the tights disappear into the boots.
What they dress like, in other words, is all the “bad girls” I was so h*rny for in middle school and high school. If only the feather ear-ring came into style here, it would be perfect.

If you’re wondering why I slightly censored you, Ace — yesterday I found out that Jesse Malkin’s got me on his RSS feed. So I’m trying to be a little more “family values” and all that. Don’t want to get Jesse in trouble with the Missus. She ain’t been linking me all that much lately, but if she finds out I’m a bad influence on the hubby, it’s gonna be a long slog to 2 million visits, eh?

UPDATE: Just in case anybody thinks this post represents the lowest possible depths of shameless blogwhoring, think again.

UPDATE II: Some of you have complained that this post doesn’t include any photos of hot Lebanese babes. Well the problem is that this is the best photo I could find of Miss Lebanon 2008, Rosarita Tawil, unless you count the embarrassing “topless photo scandal,” and we wouldn’t want to get anybody in trouble by linking that, would we?
February 20, 2009

Another blogospheric bummer

The off-beat online publication Jewcy has lost its funding, which means Marty Beckerman will have to find other sources of revenue to pay his liquor bills. (H/T: Kathy Shaidle.)