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March 11, 2009

‘Ever get the feeling . . .’

“. . . the world exists just to annoy you personally?” Thomas J. Marier writes in an e-mail, sending along happy news that Andrew Rosenthal of the New York Times sent to his staff:

Some exciting news. We’ve hired Ross Douthat, currently of Atlantic. Ross will be joining the Times staff in mid-April and will be based in the Washington bureau. He will start out primarily online, but will soon be writing with increasing frequency, and then regularity, on the Op-Ed page, in the Monday slot opposite Paul. At some point, he’ll also resume his work as a blogger, which I highly recommend.
If you don’t know Ross, you’ll find him funny and smart and sharp. He’s going to be a great addition to our team. I know you’ll make him welcome.

(Gritted teeth.) Congratulation, Ross! We’re all so excited for you!

Now excuse me while I go swallow a bottle of sleeping pills, wash it down with a quart of Chlorox, slash my wrists, get in the car, drive to the Bay Bridge, shoot myself through the head, and crash through the guard-rail to the water below.

How long until Easter?

UPDATE: Rod Dreher is giddy like a schoolgirl.

March 11, 2009

‘Faux outrage and moral exhibitionism . . .’

“. . . they’re as much a part of the urban lefty’s wardrobe as a backpack and a water bottle.”

March 11, 2009

‘Now you own it, Mr. President’

At Reason magazine, David Harsanyi concludes that the Obama administration’s policies (or lack thereof) have worsened the recession:

Obama can do anything, apparently, except properly staff the Treasury Department. Aren’t those guys supposed to be “fixing” the economy or something?
Then again, it also should be noted that if Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, whose gibberish-infused explanation of the administration’s bank bailout non-plan knocked the Dow Jones down 4 percent in one day, is indicative of “staff,” maybe Obama is doing us all a favor.
The Dow Jones industrial average, actually, has reacted to Obama by plunging nearly 20 percent since he became president. That’s an obliteration of wealth that no stimulus bill will recoup. Since Election Day, the market has lost nearly 30 percent of its value — trillions of dollars, not from CEO bonuses, as you may have hoped, but from your 401(k) and the private sector.

Three words: It Won’t Work.

March 11, 2009

Mourning the Death of Feminism

Feministing’s Jessica Valenti submits to patriarchal heteronormative oppression.

The date of the wedding ceremony Death of Feminism has not yet been announced, but the lucky guy misogynistic exploiter is Andrew Golis, deputy publisher of Talking Points Memo.

We learned of the news via Ace of Spades, whose feminist street-cred is legendary. Ace has admired Ms. Valenti’s impressive rack ideological commitment to gender-neutrality ever since Ann Althouse published a photo of Ms.Valenti displaying her awesome tatas devotion to social justice at a Soros-funded droolfest policy discussion between Bill Clinton and BDS-afflicted moonbats the Progressive Netroots Community.

Given Ace’s firm ideological commitment to the women’s movement mantra, “Feminism is the theory; lesbianism is the practice; video is the art,” the revelation of Ms. Valenti’s conquest by an agent of the imperialist phallocracy was a crushing blow.

“I’ve always believed myself to be a lesbian trapped in an Ewok’s body,” the blogger was heard to say, as he ordered another round of champagne in the chic five-star Manhattan restaurant where he and his comrades gathered to mourn the Death of Feminism.

Raising aloft a chilled flute of the finest Dom Perignon, Ace was visibly moved as he gasped his heartfelt cri de coeur, “Here’s to Andrew Golis! Better you than me, pal!”
March 11, 2009

‘A Tammy Bruce Republican’

So does blogger Jenn Q. Public describe herself. NTTAWWT. She linked me (not in a laudatory way) in a roundup post about Meghan McCain, which also includes:

There’s also the ever popular insult levied at right-leaning women that all she has going for her is her shapely backside.

See there? Once again Jimmie Bise’s unverified assertion is cited as if it were a fact. This is how the blogosphere undermines journalistic standards. Until I have personally observed the phenomenon at issue, professional ethics forbid me from offering my neutral and objective assessment.

Jenn Q. settles on the label “Tammy Bruce Republican” after rejecting as too restrictive the labels conservative, moderate, South Park Republican and pragmatist.

Me? When it comes down to what really matters, I’m a Sir Mix-a-Lot Republican.

Well, I mean, she brought it up . . .

Update: by Smitty
RSM may not be aware, but, as an ’87 graduate of Franklin HS in Seattle, I am honor-bound to link some Mix-a-Lot upon mention of the man.

(Aside: Whatever happened to rap that understood the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not take thyself seriously?)
My buddy and I rolled across country in an ’82 Chevy Citation. 74 hours, because we were afraid to shut the engine down for longer than required to gas and pour oil in that leaky thang. The whole scene was right out of Anchower. Sir Mix-a-Lot Republican, Hooptie Division.

March 11, 2009

‘Compassionate Conservatism,’ R.I.P.

Diana West blames the woes of the GOP on George W. Bush, with a hearty endorsement from Michelle Malkin.

Me? I blame David Brooks. I blame everything on David Brooks. If I stub my toe, I blame David Brooks. If a sparrow falls, blame David Brooks.

It’s sort of a Unified Field Theory.

March 11, 2009

Bristol Palin calls Baby Daddy Levi ‘white trash’

Well, this little bit of tabloid gossip is helpful, isn’t it? A source says Bristol broke up with the teenage sperm donor Levi “Sex on Skates” Johnston two months ago, won’t even let him see the fruit of his loins, and has denounced the entire Johnston family as “white trash.”

I love Sarah Palin, but Bristol’s judgment is questionable. Really, Bristol: What do you expect people to call a girl who gets herself knocked up by white trash? This does not reflect favorably on you.

UPDATE: Noting the negativity of some of the comments, but didn’t realized I’d been linked on this by Videmus Omnia at Conservatives4Palin:

As a final note, I am very disappointed in our friend R. S. McCain. Do all McCains like to stick the knife into Palins when their backs are turned?

Sorry, I’m not wired that way. I support Sarah Palin. But if Bristol Palin is conducting herself in such a hideous manner, I’m not going to turn a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening. I’ve got three teenagers of my own, remember, and if they act disgracefully, my judgment would be quite harsh indeed.

Read what I wrote about the role of lax discipline in the apparent decline of evangelical churches. I am not a violent or brutal person, but neither do I believe that indulgent condescension is an appropriate way to instill character in the young. In sharing some unsavory details of my own tragic adolescence, I should hope I made it clear that I understand the potentially disastrous consequences of wrong choices and bad companionship.

It is not kindness to a wayward child to shelter and protect them when they are doing the wrong thing. While the full circumstances of the situation are of course not known to us, doesn’t it seem that Bristol is going out of her way to bring shame and disgrace to her parents? And what about Levi Johnston, the hockey stud? Am I the only one who thinks that his role in all this has been of a selfish, shallow cad?

I would call to your attention the difference between Michael Reagan, older son that Ronald Reagan adopted with his first wife, Jane Wyman, and Ron Jr., the natural son of Reagan’s second marriage to Nancy. If you talk to people who knew the family, the cause of the difference between the two sons is obvious.

As a boy, Michael felt somewhat “second best,” and had a deep hunger to win his father’s admiration and acceptance. Michael went through some wild years, but in his maturity, he was a respectful, dutiful son. By contrast — and Reagan admitted this privately to friends — Ron Jr. was treated with too much favoritism as a child, and thus grew up arrogant and disrespectful.

A child’s misconduct always reflects poorly on the family. I’m sure that Bristol is breaking her parents’ hearts by her shoddy behavior. But I’m thinking back to some TV interview Bristol did, and if she demonstrated an attitude of humility and remorse, it didn’t stick in my mind.

Why would anyone think it was helpful — to her, to her parents, to the GOP or to the conservative cause — for conservatives to pretend that everything with Bristol is just hunky-dory? If my kid was acting like that, would a true friend ignore it?

And since Videmus Omnia brings up the subject of Crazy Cousin John, how do you think his daughter Meghan got such an impudent attitude? Way back years ago, when I was a single fellow, there was a type of girl I labeled “Daddy’s Little Darling.”

Maybe some of y’all know the type — snooty, stuck-up, cliqueish, insufferable demanding, with a high-handed and disdainful way of dealing with people beneath her status, having a self-important attitude.

Once, after I’d been covering sports in Calhoun, Ga., a few years, I was at the season-opening high school football game. Before the game, I was talking to a group of non-football athletes — baseball, basketball, wrestling — who were hanging out by the end zone. This girl comes walking up, apparently attracted magnetically to a cluster of high-status students.

So she managed to find an opportunity to introduce herself, “I’m Heather So-and-So.” Yes, OK, fine nice to meet you, but there wasn’t any recognition on my part, because the only kids I knew were the ones who played sports. Seeing that I wasn’t impressed, the girl then repeated her name, “Heather So-and-So. My dad is Jim So-and-So, he owns So-and-So Carpet Outlet.”

If that wasn’t the tackiest thing I’d ever heard! But that’s the “Daddy’s Little Darling” attitude, and it’s always a source of misery. Whether that has anything to do with the original subject from which I have sadly digressed, you be the judge.

March 11, 2009

Suzanna, Insty, Obama and Monique . . .

.. . are killing me today. Having blogged all night to respond to Cynthia Yockey, then stunned at developments among the Newbie Duo, I managed to get to sleep sometime around 10 a.m. this morning.

At 11:30 a.m., the phone rings: “Uh, Mr. McCain . . . Well, sorry to wake you, but I was checking my SiteMeter, and there was about 50 hits. But then when I checked back, there were like 1,200 . . .”

Bolt upright: “The Lanche!”

“What? Anyway, when I checked, I found out that Instapundit guy, you know the one you told me to put on my blogroll, well, he linked me and now it’s going crazy and I don’t know what to do.”

A blog consultant has to be on call 24/7, and now my client was in crisis mode. Try to remain calm. “OK, Logan, what did he link? The Jello wrestling or the Big Sexy?”

She sighs in exasperation. “That’s just it. He linked the very first post I did a week ago.”

Groan. “Dammit. . . . OK, you’ve been ‘Lanched. . . . Never mind. The first thing to do . . .”

So then I ran her through the drill, explained she must first acknowledge the honor of her first ‘Lanche, which is always more granted than deserved, with an update to the post. Mumbled curses. “It took Jammie Wearing Fool six months to get his first ‘Lanche, Logan. Make sure you acknowledge Monique. You guys have got to be a team. . . .”

After I’d finished mumbling more, I tried to go back to sleep. But the TV was on MSNBC, and there was an Obama press conference at which he lied through his teeth, telling America that passage of his budget was a necessity. But as Monique has been saying for days, the federal government can auto-pilot on continuing resolutions indefinitely. There is no emergency, and the Obudget is the Mother Of All Crap Sandwiches.

No hope of sleep. Monique just switched over from Blogspot to a custom URL, but hasn’t set up SiteMeter at the new site, so she can’t even measure her traffic now. Minions Gone Wild, and now I’ve got Obama to blog.

When the going gets weird . . . hey, my Samoan attorney won’t even return my calls. No justice. No peace. No sleep. No Ibogaine. Who to blame? Richard Spencer. If he hadn’t struck out with Michelle Lee Muccio . . .

UPDATE: Little Miss Attila, kharma queen of the blogosphere, finds amusement in the virtual menage between me, Yockey and Insty. If we could just get an Ace-o-lanche, we’d be rolling.

March 11, 2009

About the blogroll

For the second time in as many days, I’ve gotten the question, “Hey, why am I not on your blogroll yet?”

Short answer: I’m lazy.

Longer answer: I’m lazy and scatter-brained, and sometimes am under the mistaken impression I added you to the blogroll months ago.

Mea culpa. Will try to pay closer attention in the future.

March 11, 2009

Something tells me . . .

. . . . that the next meeting of the Patrick Henry College alumni association is going to be very interesting.

Dude. If only you’d bought her the Godivas.