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March 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

“When a 14 year old kid can blow up your business in his spare time, not because he hates you but because he loves you, then you got a problem.”

March 14, 2009


by Smitty

In keeping with the Navy tradition of thrashing unsuspecting words, the post title has been given the DICNAV treatment. Still, the Rule 2 tradition of paying tribute to those who’ve noticed us goes on.

  • Obi’s Sister leads off, for noticing our post about Ari Fleischer returning fire to a “personal lapdog” wannabee. Chris Matthews was rather on the rabid chihuahua end of the lapdog scale, no?
  • Dan Collins over at PW seems to appreciate the local equestrian, Brooksie Frumdreher* III. Joining that crowd is The Chapomatic One.
  • American Power Blog (oh, the shocking Exceptionalism in the name!) echoed RSM’s disdain for “progressive Republicans” in APB’s Michael Steele roundup.
  • Good justice from the Griffon’s Lair. I think the whole “Lord and Messiah” thing has been safely nailed down.
  • Pb’n’Au were golden as they linked that hammering of leaden leftism: How to Hate Feminism.
  • The retro hat tip to Napoleon XIV worked for What’d I Say?
  • Reaching across the aisle, Freedom Democrats level the dreaded “jilted conservative schadenfreude” accusation over The Luxury of Liberaltarianism. It’s their party, and they’ll cry if they want to. But will their output reach sufficient levels to launch ships? Megan McArdle, lead lamenter, weeps wobustly.
  • “Gimme” Moe Lane found a theological angle on Douthat’s new gig.
  • Caught the eye of The Liberty Papers for ripping Brooks. Just because a target is relatively easy does not negate the aerobic exercise value of ripping it.
  • The lovely S. Logan admires this blog, as well. Her plea for attention packaged as a cry for solitude is a tour de force. However, as the driver of an ’02 PT Cruiser, I take umbrage at having the car in the background of a commode photo. Ms. Logan, couldn’t we stage the shot with a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 next time?
  • Fausta enjoyed the Camille: Shush post, but one minor detail bears correction: RSM isn’t the balding old squid. That would be me. She’s no less beautiful for having linked the post, however.
  • Taking things in a metaphorically cannibalistic direction, Jenn Q. Public alluded to this post in her summary of the red-on-red action.

*Not all of the genealogy has been explored (or will likely ever be made public), but it appears that dreher is German for “lathe operator”, whereas “frum” means something akin to “moron working the wrong end of the material” in the Schwäbisch dialect. Stay tuned to this blog for occasional installments of the basketball-esque rise and fall of the Frumdrehers, that great American political dynasty.

March 14, 2009

The re-education of David Brooks

P.J. Gladnick at Newsbusters has the story of how the White House dispatched a team of four operatives to persuade David Brooks to back off his threat to lead an army of moderates to oppose the Obama agenda. Gladnick observes:

So either the four overseers of the White House were masters of manipulation or they had extremely pliable material to work with . . .

Indeed. And now the useless idiot has returned with a new column singing paeans to Obama’s education “reform” plan. The Toady-in-Chief’s latest column includes this:

Thanks in part to No Child Left Behind, we’re a lot better at measuring each student’s progress. . . .
Most districts don’t use data to reward good teachers. States have watered down their proficiency standards so parents think their own schools are much better than they are.
As Education Secretary Arne Duncan told me, “We’ve seen a race to the bottom. States are lying to children. They are lying to parents. They’re ignoring failure, and that’s unacceptable. We have to be fierce.”

Oh, those “fierce” reformers! Like President Clinton before him, President Obama sends his kids to private schools. Public schools are for Other People’s Children, and the endless promises of “reform” have never been fulfilled, nor will they ever. America’s schools are arguably worse now than they were when No Child Left Behind was passed in 2001, and they are certainly no better.

Obama’s “reform” plan will not improve the schools, either. To a Democrat, the policy object of school “reform” is full employment and higher pay for members of the teachers’ unions. Hire more teachers, pay them more money — it’s a constituent-service model of policy. The Democrat who says anything else is lying, and yet Brooks takes Obama’s professions of “caring” at face value:

The Obama approach would make it more likely that young Americans grow up in relationships with teaching adults. It would expand nurse visits to disorganized homes. It would improve early education. It would extend the school year. Most important, it would increase merit pay for good teachers (the ones who develop emotional bonds with students) and dismiss bad teachers (the ones who treat students like cattle to be processed).

Of course, “merit pay for good teachers” is just code meaning, “higher pay, period.” Whatever standards are used to measure “merit” will be manipulated by administrators to reward their favorites. Just as the chief result of the student-testing requirements of No Child Left Behind was wholesale fraud in standardized testing, so will the lure of “merit pay” result in bogus attempts to fake “merit.”

One wonders if the White House’s favorite columnist even believes what he writes anymore. Certainly no one familiar with the bureaucratic reality of how American schools actually operate can believe Obama’s plan will produce genuine “reform.”

Becoming one of The Republicans Who Really Matter — of whom Brooks is a leading example — requires acceptance of a fundamentally false premise, namely, that Democratic politicians act in good faith. This is the Big Lie to which all other liberal lies are ancillary.

The Democratic Party is a conspiracy whereby liars advance the cause of evil with the assistance of fools. Republicans who “reach across the aisle” to cooperate in the implementation of the Democratic agenda are therefore agents of evil. (Whether Republican enthusiasts for “bipartisan compromise” are conscious of their agency in the cause of evil is moot, but they don’t call them The Stupid Party for nothing.)

The reason David Brooks is the White House’s favorite columnist is because, by the fraudulent pretense that he is a “conservative,” Brooks provides key assistance in the Democrats’ most essential mission: Obscuring truth.

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UPDATE: Let’s have a contest: Describe the Democratic Party in 20 Words or Less.

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March 14, 2009

The Sharkpit of Mood

by Smitty

Fausta reports on the Shark Pit of Doom:

Today is National Iowahawk Day. In the spirit of the day, here’s one of the spectacular events relating to the legendary life of Iowahawk

She then boldly relates how fortune favored her with a visit from the ‘hawkish one.
So as to avoid spoiling Fausta’s brief, intense tale, let me use her post as an excuse to share a tango. This one is doused in something inflammable and set on fire. Now, this is completely SFW, and rated G, but if it doesn’t leave you feeling just a little in the mood, you’re probably dead.

Elizabeth Roe is totally Rule 5 material. Greg Anderson merits mention for the leather trousers, but we’ll leave any serious appreciation to Fausta.
Oh, and here’s that blistering duo’s site. Because this is a full service blog.