How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cookbook

by Smitty

By now, all of you should be settled in and comfortable with the fact that your modern liberal ivy league overlords are here to serve man. With that in mind, the latest Victor Davis Hanson has an additional tension when read with a Rod Serling voice.
Dr. Hanson captures five major dimensions of dissonance in the still-young-yet-seemingly-ancient Obama Administration, outlined here:

  1. 1984 Redux. I feel like Winston Smith in Oceania, confused about all the doublethink coming out of Washington.
  2. Stimulating the Stimulated. I am also confused the various stimuli, bailouts, and guarantees. We all support some type of federal guarantees for some banks, lest like a house of cards they start falling seriatim.
  3. We all work at the DMV now. But debt is not the only problem. When we expand the percentage of government-controlled GDP in the overall economy far about 20% to near 40%, the change-over will guarantee for generations that we have less productive workers, not subject to the pressures of supply and demand of the private sector?
  4. Madder than Hell—and? There is a populist anger out there, hard to calibrate exactly, but growing nonetheless.*
  5. Madoff Mysteries. A lot of us are confused about the Madoff meltdown. How did a man in his 60s fake millions of records and thousands of accounts, without a legion of enablers? Surely, twenty, thirty, or more, entire teams no doubt, must have been needed to perpetuate the scam?

Sir, you were doing fine, right up until the last bit. You failed to understand that Madoff is the first Jewish leprechaun in history. The pot o’ gold you’re inferring can be found in the usual place. An excellent outing, overall.
And why should we stop worrying and love this liberal cookbook? Two quick points:

  • Our Community Organizer in Chief (COC) is generating a country full of WOLVERINES.
  • As the Sage noted: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?–Matt 6:27. Leave the anxiety to the RINOs and Dems.

*Party like a rock star!

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