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March 20, 2009

Dr. Freaking S. Goodblog’s Friday Nite Disco Delite of Linky-Love

By Dr. Freaking S. Goodblog, Ph.D.*
Special Guest-Blogger

Greetings once again, dear chilluns, it is I, your superfine Disco DJ of FMJRA hot pink linky-love! For the second week in a row, your usual host with the most has got to be spending honey-do time with the missus and therefore, at his behest, by special request, he got the best to give you the rest. Let’s get it rocking with a few big hits:

Now that we gotcha rockin’, it’s time for me to remind you that Doctor Freaking S. don’t work for free. These hillbillies gots to pay me, see? So you hiphop hotties and disco daddies need to hit the tip jar — let’s say about $10 for the cover charge, but it’s always Ladies Night here at the Goodblog Lounge & Discotheque, so we’ll pull back the velvet rope and let the sweetness in for $5 each, or 3 for $10 if one of y’all is super-sexy. Now, from the Rule 3 Archives of drastic fantastic classic plastic, here’s some more big beats to move your feets:

Now, if there is some blog-jam you want to hear, lemme tell ya what ya gotta do: Send an e-mail to Frequent Commenter Smitty, who’s working the bar tonight. Tell the Smittmeister what blog hits you want us to throw down, and we will add the links as space and time allow.

We’ll be rockin’ the beats ’till the break of dawn, and the Rule 2 action goes on and on, so if you’re a blogger who wants to be here, just link this post in your post, and send the URL to Smitty. Then chill, Holmes, whilst we cue up the tunes, and if we don’t get ya tonight we’re going to get ya real soon.

  • Smitty on the mike. Pundit and Pundette kick off my festivities by posing the question: Is Steyn more eloquent than Burns?
  • They follow that with the revelation that they’ve got a bigger family than RSM while gently demolishingmocking the First Lady’s economic tips.

  • Dan Collins turns in a splendid, lyric effort on Geithner.
  • Dan further forwards some Riehl World View ation on the Today’s Clueless Right. Glen Beck was opining that this is all smoke and mirrors to cover the financial gymnastics at the Treasury. Dan’s comic poem in the previous link is likely the least of what the fellow deserves.

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Dr. Freaking S. Goodblog, Ph.D.
* Ph.D. = Pretty heavy Dude

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Update II: How not to do it when emailing smitty

You may be interested to see how I Pine away for the ‘Good NEW Days’.
Or perhaps because public shame builds character, you can point out my pitiful attempt at following rule 4… (it really was quite pitiful).
You may also choose to scroll farther down and read the several articles I wrote about AIG a couple days ago.
Clearly I understand as a lowly padawan of such pitiful stature, I am not truly fit to grovel at your feet for this, Rule 2 or not.

How to do it:
See this comment on Equality is for Ugly Losers

March 20, 2009

‘Not surprisingly . . .’

“Most of the poverty in America can be intrinsically linked to the decline of marriage. When cash assistance programs were first introduced . . . during the War on Poverty, less than ten percent of babies were born out of wedlock. For decades long, this well intentioned program had the unfortunate consequence of encouraging single women to have more children out of wedlock and penalized them if they got married or found employment. Not surprisingly, the welfare caseloads exploded and the out of wedlock birth rate steadily rose.”

March 20, 2009


Word problem for the Doubting Padwans of Fu:

Ergo, ceteris paribus:

  • At the current rate of traffic (including relevant calculations for likely rates of increase/decrease), what will be The Other McCain’s final daily visitors total for March 20, 2009?
  • Also at the current rate of traffic (including relevant calculations for likely rates of increase/decrease), what will be The Other McCain’s final monthly visitors total for March 2009?
  • As of 12:01 a.m., Saturday, March 21 (making relevant calculations based on weekly traffic), what will be The Other McCain’s “Average Per Day”?
  • Estimate, to the nearest date, when The Other McCain will exceed 2 million cumulative vistors.

Deadline for eligible entries (either on your own blog or in the comment field) is 10 p.m. ET tonight. This may be on your mid-term exam. No gambling permitted. Hit the tip jar, you ungrateful bastards.

March 20, 2009

Andrew Breitbart for NetRightNation

Sergio “The Maltese Romeo” Gor introduces Breitbart, who speaks impromptu with a glass of wine in his hand, Big Hollywood explaining why Hollywood and pop culture should matter to conservatives. Watch and learn, ye Padwans of Fu:




March 20, 2009

Ever wonder why the letters ‘O,’ ‘M’ and ‘G’ were invented?

She is strictly neutral and objective and therefore offers herself as an impartial referee in the Jello wrestling catfight grudge match, The Fight for Big Sexy. Yeah, I know, life is like a box of chocolates but — Holy Cthulhu! — I never thought it would come to this . . .

March 20, 2009

How long until Easter?

Cynthia Yockey was the Good Sapphic Samaritan last week, helping me maintain my Lenten vow (I’m a proud Protestant, but made a promise to a friend who is a notorious Catholic hypocrite), and now as further testimony that the Lord sends “angels unawares,” Katha Pollit adds her widow’s mite:

But [William Kristol’s] presence on the [New York Times op-ed] page reminded readers that David Brooks is not really what Republicanism is all about. Frankly, though, I don’t see why there must be two conservatives on the page.

I suppose I should also acknowledge that, via Rule 3, a hat-tip is owed to Matthew Yglesias, even though he couldn’t be bothered to read Atlas Shrugged before denouncing it.
Now, I have acknowledged to Cynthia that she is owed an apology, because when I responded at length to her dispute of my views on gay marriage, I ignorantly wounded her — an unintentional offense, yet an offense nonetheless.
Thinking that Cynthia was currently in a long-term lesbian relationship, I engaged in a hypothetical speculation on the possibility that, should she by misfortune become a “lesbian widow,” there would be no guarantee that her next relationship would also be lesbian. Whatever one’s orientation or your congenital predisposition, whatever your habit and custom, life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes a chance encounter becomes a “pivotal life movement.” Not until many years later, wondering how you arrived at your present circumstance, do you look back and ask, “When did that road fork? Where did I turn?”

My intention was kindness, but the result was cruelty, for I did not know that Cythnia’s 20-year relationship had ended with her partner’s death — after a long, painful, debilitating illness — on Dec. 7, 2004.

Ms. Yockey has chronicled her devotion to Margaret Ardussi in a page that I promised her I would link. My oppressive patriarchal heteronormativity bids me speak, but as Smitty points out, “He that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.” Therefore, Ms. Yockey, I pray only that my apology is sufficent and acceptable, as it is my continued hope ever to remain

Your most humble and obedient servant,

March 20, 2009

You Know You’re Sucking Pond Water When…

by Smitty

…even you biggest drool buckets are getting sick of your dreck. The Anchoress had an excellent roundup of the POTUS campaignappearance on Leno. However, we should pause for the schadenfruede:

The guy just doesn’t know what to say. He can’t connect. Emotions are here, he’s over there. He can’t get the words to match the situation.
This began, I’d argue, from the first moment. He punted on the inaugural. Everybody ran around like crazy trying to praise it because if Barack Obama couldn’t give a speech then what?
But now, at week 11, we’re face-to-face with the reality, the man can’t talk worth a damn.

Let us now enjoy a slightly dusty interjection from special guest commenter Solomon:

Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.
Proverbs 17:28

It may be time to slip a “No BOT, no slot” rider into some future legislation, making it illegal to book the POTUS in the future without something there telling him what to say. Chances of slipping that into a bill are good with the 111th Congress.

VA Virutcon reports a “Bring it on” from the Special Olympics bowling league. That from Kolan McConiughey, who, it must be said, could thrash me, as well.

March 20, 2009

A trillion here, a trillion there . . .

“Do any other old codgers out there in my audience remember back when $1 trillion was a noteworthy figure, rather than the minimum price needed to get people to take your policy seriously?”

March 20, 2009

The Bad FF Customer Feedback

by Smitty

Yesterday’s TOM-cat rant about the Bad Fast Food Customer seems to have struck a nerve in Dustbury, but it’s OK. You see, Trolling Technorati is a variation on Rule 3 for us wee interns at The Other McCain School of Blogadelic Arts and Craftiness.

Dustbury, besides demonstrating the exquisite taste to quote this blog at length, also used the word “corksoaking”, alluding to a most venerable post of his.

This post precedes this (basically) NSFW SNL clip by about a year:

Saturday Night Live – Cork Soakers Season: 29

The meta-joke is watching Janet Jackson attempt to keep a straight face while reading the prompter. Kristen Wiig she ain’t.

March 20, 2009

The Dark Night of Patriarchal Oppression

Big hat tip to Dan Collins for discovering this groundshaking documentary video, exposing the heinous reality of misogynistic sexism before the triumph of the women’s movement: