Megan McArdle: While Thy Credibility Guitar Gently Weeps

By Smitty (Hat Tip: Instapundit)
I drive a 2002 PT Cruiser, which, in a minor fit a Galtism, it’s my intention to drive until POTUS 45 arrives to pick up the pieces. Yesterday saw a minor rant on this page at Megan’s remark:

‘On the other hand, it can hardly hurt.’

Her credibility guitar gently weeps today as she cranks up the volume:

The more I read about these plans, the more I wonder what the end game is supposed to be.

End game? You speak as if there is a conclusion in the offing. When has government ever done more than maintain things? Even when it’s not the problem, government certainly isn’t the solution.

The administration is acting serious: firing Wagoner, and threatening to cut off funds if Chrysler doesn’t make a deal with Fiat.

No, the administration is stone cold crazy, and they lack an astrophysicist on lead.

With what money, or starry-eyed dreams of success, is GM going to attract the top talent they will need to build an industry-leading drive train? What charismatic leader is going to gut-rehab the corporate culture of a firm whose employees number in the hundreds of thousands? Companies this large are like battleships–they do not turn around on a dime. In either sense of the phrase.

Don’t you think an ore freighter affords an appropriately buoyant simile?

Oddly enough, this post did not set out to be a YouTube flogging. Returning to “Chrysler doesn’t make a deal with Fiat”, I had wanted to refute the notion that Germans lack humor by sharing a pair of backronyms for FIAT, courtesy of mein schwiegervater:

Fehler In Allen Teilen
“Faults in all parts.”
Für Italiener, Ausreichende Technik
“For Italians, adequate technology.”

Wow, set out to share a couple of German jokes, and look what happens. The post went pear-shaped. Not unlike casting a ballot for a clown. But let’s leave this scene of backronyms and weeping guitars with a taste of raspberry jam.

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