March traffic report

Just a brief note: March traffic was 163K visitors, our best-ever traffic for any month when Internet servers weren’t melting down because of dudes frantically Googling for “Sarah Palin bikini pics.”

My wife says that traffic is now so good that we can probably eliminate “Rule 5 Sunday” and stop posting gratuitous cheesecake photos of young hotties.

Fortunately for you guys, I disagree. So here (via Conservative Grapevine) is a Coed magazine photo of some girl named “Natasha.” (Don’t try this at home, kids. This man is a trained professional journalist!)

UPDATE: Sean Hackbarth of The American (Dirty) Mind can’t decide who he admires more: Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek or Latina hottie Salma Hayek. Maybe this will clear things up:

I don’t believe in open borders, but I think even Peter Brimelow would agree to join my movement, “Don’t Deport The Hotties.”

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