Anyone Else Watch The SNL Cold Open?

by Smitty

Fred Armisen doing a better Barack than Barack (could the arrangement be made permanent?) was terrifying. It was supposed to be amusing, building upon the firing of Wagoner at GM last week.
The faux-POTUS goes down a list of companies like a Roman Emperor at the Colosseum deciding the fates of gladiators. One was expected to find humor in the delivery of the thumbs-up and thumbs-down verdicts on companies like Coke and Fruit-of-the-Loom.
One could appreciate Armisen’s comic art for its own sake. I’m not saying it was a bad impression. I’m saying that the premise of the entire monologue left a very, very bad impression indeed, and fuels the need for everyone to oppose this effort to serve man with everything they’ve got.
I’ll check Hulu for a clip later. *shudder*

a) Thanks for the cluebat on the spelling of BHO’s first name.

Update II:
Underscoring the un-funny is Stuart Varney in WSJ. Hat tip:Let Freedom Ring.

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