Nutjob fears ‘Zionists,’ kills 4 cops, and an idiot liberal blames . . . Michelle Malkin?

Four dead in Pittsburgh:

Mr. Perkovic and other former classmates said they were surprised by this morning’s events. Mr. Perkovic said Mr. Poplawski was opposed to “Zionist propaganda” and was fearful that his right to own weapons would be taken away.

Tim F. enlightens us:

How is that “orderly revolution” going, Michelle? How about that laundry soap rebellion, Erick? This is what Glenn Beck’s citizen army looks like. People like Michelle Malkin fantasize about citizens rising up against the (Democratic) state. They stoke their followers’ paranoia with bullshit that, mostly, they know is bullshit, for ratings and a shot at political traction. Did they expect the American revolution?

You know, Tim F., I’ve got better things to do with my life than to pay attention to liberal pretzel-logic like this, and I know Michelle Malkin doesn’t have time to waste, either. So I’m just linking your idiocy in the hope that our commenters, or some other blogger like Kathy Shaidle, Dan Riehl or Jeff Goldstein, will do me the favor of taking a few moments to explain to you what a worthless waste of bandwidth you are.

UPDATE: Via Memeorandum, I see that Malkin has already blogged this story, with an appropriately curt dismissal of the idiot liberals. Just in case anyone out there is unclear, the fact that President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, have been lifelong proponents of gun control is not an excuse to become a paranoid nutjob and start shooting people.

UPDATE II: Malkin responds at greater length to the Binghamton massacre blame game:

Look, I’m all for finding root causes.
But someone please explain to me how conservatives who espouse immigration enforcement and assimilation led a nutball of Vietnamese descent who reportedly could barely speak English to slaughter innocent people taking a citizenship test and trying to naturalize the right way?
Put the hangman’s noose down and try to make some sense.

Ditto. If you want to vent your spleen, go right ahead and vent, Alan Colmes. That’s why Al Gore invented the Internet. But don’t pretend that your idiotic attempts to politicize the crimes of nutjobs is Insightful News Commentary. I don’t have enough snark to spare and experts assure me that we’re seriously at risk of a pixel shortage.


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