Lead and Gold and Rick Moran

By Smitty
Craig Henry over at Lead and Gold is an excellent supporter of the cause.

Does anyone read the fiction of Mrs. Craigie or Miss Fowler? Yet without these two fine ladies, we might not have Chapter 15 of Heretics.
I’m beginning to think that Rick Moran is the blogosphere’s Miss Fowler. What he writes is of little intrinsic importance and will be forgotten. But every now and then he provokes Robert Stacy McCain into writing something like this

Mr. Moran, it should be noted, has responded:

Stacey has a very sharp mind and clear writing style. And I want to be just like him when I grow up.

He goes on:

Not exactly sure what you’re getting at with the elites vs.populists theme but some of it rings true. If you are trying to make the point that the conservative elite punditocracy places perception above principle, I would reluctantly agree to some extent but defend them by mentioning that even today with a myriad of news and information outlets, the big guns firing in the information wars are still liberal media and therefore, the perception shaped in the public’s mind does indeed matter. Accepting that as a fact of life, and recognizing that electoral success in the GOP depends at least partly on altering this perception of the party as a bunch of angry, southern white males who hate gays and blacks, love guns, and exhibit paranoia about government, it is understandable that some would seek to distance themselves from this perception.

Dude: brevity. A long sentence has the appeal of a masturbatory guitar solo.


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