Scott’s Slant Leans Pleasantly to Starboard

by Smitty

Scott A. Robinson introduced himself and points to some posts worthy of attention.
I’d never seen “A Guide to Getting Through Tough Economic Times“. Scott states:

On this fantastic website you can learn what do to if you believe Big Brother’s policies are making you feel stressed or even suicidal. Although, as you know, Big Brother has your interests at heart, so clearly if you believe his policies are at fault for your hardship, you are obviously wrong. However, do not be concerned if you think you feel this way. Government counseling is available to help you understand your error at not cost to you!

I’m not sure, reviewing my paystub, that anything the government does is “no cost”. I mean, if your friendly civil servants have been auditing you for 12 consecutive years, the toll has got to add up.
Another splendid outing is this Heritage roundup of 12 New Policies that Undermine Civil Society. I’m not sure exactly how new they are, but they all contribute, directly or not, to the erosion of the state government as a shield against a rapacious Fed. So that draws vacuum.
Keep up the fight to protect those increasingly endangered ideals, Scott!


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