‘Epic Fail,’ Starring Jane Hamsher

(BUMPED; UPDATES BELOW) Yet another brilliant move, Jane:

UPDATE: by Smitty (h/t: Insty)
FoxNews, while not funding the protests, does offer some tips to avoid Hamsher’s rattiness.

UPDATE II: Little Miss Attila mocks the madness of Crazy Jane who — need we remind you? — last week was whining that Democrats aren’t forking over to pay off their blogbots. A bit of the old “jobs for the boys” mentality over on the Left side of the ‘sphere, and then Crazy Jane projects her madness on the Right by accusing Fox of fomenting the Tea Party movement.

Crazy Jane should be grateful she’s not like the workers at SEIU’s Washington HQ who got laid off after their union spent $85 million in members’ dues to elect Obama.

UPDATE III: Via Memeorandum, more commentary at TrogloPundit, Instapundit, Hot Air, Founding Bloggers, Blue Crab Boulevard, Gay Patriot, PoliGazette., and Dan Riehl.

Meanwhile, Crazy Jane continues to insist there is PROOF that Rupert Murdoch plotted the Tea Party movement. Right. And fire can’t melt steel.

UPDATE IV: Reply to Steve Benen, et al., Or: How to Respond to a “Progressive” (If You Must).

UPDATE V: Linked at Capital Research Center.

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