Sully and the Tea Party Truthers

My buddy Stephen Gordon just called to say he’d been linked by Sully, who has put aside Trig Trutherism in an effort to get the Real Story behind national Tax Day Tea Party.

Apparently, we’re Right Wing Corporate Neocon Pirates who’ve hijacked a grassroots movement.

I might update if I can stop laughing. Arrrgh!

UPDATE: “Bluebeard” Gordon tries to help Sully get his facts straight. And where’s my wenches? They told me if I showed up wearing an eyepatch with a parrot on my shoulder, there’d be free wenches and grog.

UPDATE II: “Still haven’t seen any of that sweet, sweet Right-wing shill money since this morning, ya, you betcha. Maybe they sent it to my old address?”

Which reminds me: Hit the tip jar!

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