Bush Blaming Alive And Well At HuffPo

by Smitty

Still, the ahistorical, “Alinksy Rule #12” approach bears some study, as evidenced in this example from Donnie Fowler:

How Bush Ruined the Free Market
(or Why Your Cousin on Wall Street Can’t Bet With Your Money Anymore)

Do you realize it took George Bush longer to “win” his war against a small, third world nation once led by a third-rate dictator than it took us the U.S. to defeat the two empires of Germany & Japan in World War II? Well, while Karl Rove, Ari Fleischer, and Dick Cheney continue to make their case for W’s legacy on national security, they missed their president’s most astounding accomplishment of all.
No one since the era of slavery has done more damage to the free market than George W. Bush.

The propaganda piece goes on, neglecting to note any history prior to Bush (Fannie, Freddie), and then climaxes:

The GOP’s stated ideology of smaller government, individual responsibility, and moral behavior surely could not have resulted in economic policies that have resulted in what Barack Obama now has to clean up:

  • more people out of work than at any time in decades
  • the end of the budget surplus that Bill Clinton deeded to George Bush
  • a federal government that was bloated by cronyism at best and criminal malfeasance at worst
  • the short-term government control, beginning with strokes of Bush’s pen in 2007 & 2008, of many large banks
  • and, worst of all, the destruction of millions of Americans’ hard-earned life savings while corporate executives and government leaders argued that they deserved their golden parachutes, fat tax cuts, and free government bailout money

I suppose it’s important, as we gear up for the Tea Parties tomorrow, to keep the ship of crap afloat by putting out as much propaganda as possible. Keep up the “useful idiot” behavior, Donnie. Cthulhu loves you.


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