That ‘Fairness’ Bugaboo

By Smitty

Lane, over at Crooked Timber weighs in with a post entitled Reducing inequality: what’s the problem?

Lane, the problem is that instead of driving for equality of opportunity, you play the standard class warfare cards. There is the graph showing that the (implicitly evil) 1% is getting richer, while everyone else’s income stays flat over time.

Then you go on about fairness and the consequences of inequality. Standard tropes, both. We are next treated to the following strange analysis:

As Robert Frank has pointed out, super-high incomes also have led to an arms race in consumption, especially in housing. Spending among the rich has escalated dramatically, encouraging middle- and upper-middle-class households to take on more and more debt in order to keep pace.

Lane, are you a Calvinist? Am I so divinely “encouraged” by what Bill Gates does that I just can’t stop until my tragic destiny has me looking like AIG? Way not to encourage free will, maturity, and responsibility there.

“So what should we do? Stay tuned.”

Looking forward to a series of posts that argues for more government control. Because if people are not sheep, then they must be reprogrammed as such at all costs. Otherwise, the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx won’t be happy.


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